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Career Counselling – Coping with Employment Termination and Redundancy

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Employment Termination and Redundancy - What will you do next? Blu Ripples can help you move forward with clarity, direction, purpose and confidence.

Employment Termination and Redundancy – What will you do next? Blu Ripples can help you move forward with clarity, direction, purpose and confidence.

According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) media release dated 19 April 2018, the national labour force participation rate is at an all time high of 65.7% which means that more individuals aged 15 to 64 years are working now more than ever before.

Whilst the above is good news for our economy there is also the flip side of employment and the world of work.  That is, the need to address underemployment, retrenchments and terminations and the associated impact of same.

In the most recent ABS – Labour Market Statistics Report (July 2014) it was noted that 2 million individuals ceased their job in the 12 months to Feb 2013.  Of those 2 million individuals, 19% or 381,000 were retrenched or made redundant.

Thus, over the course of your career life cycle it is inevitable that at some point in your career you will experience this transitional period.  In fact, many clients have reported that they have experienced this period 2, 3, 4 or more times over the course of their career.

Thus, whilst you may perceive redundancy and/or termination to be taboo, embarrassing, humiliating or a hush hush topic in fact Read More

Career Counselling Services – What is the difference between Career Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring?

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Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services empowers clients through the provision of encouragement, support and guidance

Clients frequently ask “what is the difference between Career Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring?”. Read More

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Counselling Services – Port Stephens, Newcastle, Matiland & Hunter Region

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Blu Ripples is happy to answer your Career Consulting questions - Ask Away

Blu Ripples Workplace (EAP) Counselling Services – Providing a new perspective to workplace challenges

Blu Ripples is proud to announce Read More

Workplace Counselling:- Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

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Donald Duck Temper

Are you experiencing verbal abuse in the workplace?


I am sure many readers have heard of Donald Duck the famous Disney character; Donald can be such a loveable character one minute and then in a split second he can lose his temper, go bright red in the face and start quacking like there is no tomorrow with little regard for the consequences and/or the character he just quacked down.

Have you experienced or are you currently experience such a character in your workplace?  Speaking from personal experience I can confirm that I have experienced such a character more than once in my professional background.

So how do you cope with such a character?  There are many different strategies you can use but basically from ones perspective it boils down to three key questions: –

Why do you want to keep this job?

Why do you believe you are not worthy of a better working environment?

Where are you emotionally ?

From ones personal experience I can tell you that for me it was all about saving a deposit for my first home, having a good employment history to demonstrate to the banks that we were worthy customers and thirdly if I was to leave this employer who would hire me given that they (my employers) would surely not give me a good reference because somehow their bad behaviour had to be as a result of something I did (not true – but it was my cognitions [thoughts] at the time, I was in my early and mid 20’s at the time).

Maybe my scenario rings true for your or maybe you perceive your situation is different; it does not matter, at the end of the day it comes down to these three (3) questions and how long it will take for you to realise you deserve and are entitled to so much better than this.

In closing, if you are experiencing verbal abuse in the workplace have the courage to seek emotional support from a trusted friend and/or counsellor;  a strong support network is essential in these types of situations.


Workplace Counselling: – Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation & Harrassment Action Plan

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workplace bullying

Are you experiencing workplace abuse, bullying, harrassment or intimidation? Need to talk – call Blu Ripples

At some point in our career we have either directly experienced or know of someone who has experienced Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and/or Harrassment.  But how do you help someone going through this difficult period.  Simply follow Blu Ripples® 5 Step action plan and you will be on the way to resolving the presenting concern.

5 Step Action Plan to Address Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and Harrassment Read More

Workplace Counselling: Managing Workplace Conflict

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Esculating Conflict

How to manage workplace conflict before the flight or fight response kicks in to gear or up a notch


Workplace Conflict can arise from the most trivial matter and escalate very quickly thus it is important to remain as logical and objective as possible; in other words separate emotion from fact/s and deal with the facts.

So how do you accomplish the above? Great Question!

  • Start by keeping accurate file notes
  • Review your company’s grievance systems and/or your industrial agreement
  • Review your file notes, analyse the situation and construct a factual case synopsis
  • Schedule an appointment with your immediate supervisor and/or your supervisor’s superior – make sure you request a neutral witness be present
  • Present your case and desired outcomes
  • Listen objectively and respectfully to the other party; negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes and time-frames
  • Schedule a follow up appointment to address actual outcomes and/or non compliance
  • If the above fails seek external support e.g. Lawyer, State or Federal Industrial Relations Officer or Union Representative

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Workplace Counselling: Yippee it’s Friday! – Addressing Job Dissatisfaction

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How many times have you found yourself uttering these words?  Or perhaps you have found yourself counting the days to the end of the week or year.

These cognitions (thoughts) are indeed a major sign of job dissatisfaction.  However, Blu Ripples main question to you is “Why are you dissatisfied in your work”?

Is it because you experiencing: – Read More

Workplace Counselling: Stress in the Workplace

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Stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace; what you need to know!














In previous blogs we have touched on Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques and Work Life Balance.  However, can an employee who perceives they are under a considerable amount of stress at work seek compensation for stress from their employer?

The answer to the above stated question is “NO”. You see the word “Stress” does not diagnose a medical condition.  Thus, under Workers Compensation legislation (NSW) a claim for stress would be rejected.  However, an employee can claim for psychological injury (categorisation for stress) if there is relevant and sufficient medical evidentiary support to prove their statement of claim was a result of their employment.  In other words, you can prove that you have suffered a psychological or psychiatric disorder as a result of your work.

Finally, in stating the above, it should be noted that under WorkCover legislation (NSW) compensation would not be payable for a psychological injury as a result (in whole or part) of reasonable action taken or proposed to be taken by or on behalf of the employer with respect to: –

  • Transfer
  • Demotion
  • Promotion
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Discipline
  • Retrenchment
  • Dismissal; or
  • Provision of employment benefits

Therefore, if you are feeling stressed due to work it would be a wise move to speak with a Workplace Counsellor and/or your family doctor.  Your family doctor will if they deem it necessary provide you with the appropriate Workers Compensation Medical Certificate.

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