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Career Counselling – Coping with Employment Termination and Redundancy

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Employment Termination and Redundancy - What will you do next? Blu Ripples can help you move forward with clarity, direction, purpose and confidence.

Employment Termination and Redundancy – What will you do next? Blu Ripples can help you move forward with clarity, direction, purpose and confidence.

According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) media release dated 19 April 2018, the national labour force participation rate is at an all time high of 65.7% which means that more individuals aged 15 to 64 years are working now more than ever before.

Whilst the above is good news for our economy there is also the flip side of employment and the world of work.  That is, the need to address underemployment, retrenchments and terminations and the associated impact of same.

In the most recent ABS – Labour Market Statistics Report (July 2014) it was noted that 2 million individuals ceased their job in the 12 months to Feb 2013.  Of those 2 million individuals, 19% or 381,000 were retrenched or made redundant.

Thus, over the course of your career life cycle it is inevitable that at some point in your career you will experience this transitional period.  In fact, many clients have reported that they have experienced this period 2, 3, 4 or more times over the course of their career.

Thus, whilst you may perceive redundancy and/or termination to be taboo, embarrassing, humiliating or a hush hush topic in fact Read More

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Counselling Services – Port Stephens, Newcastle, Matiland & Hunter Region

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Blu Ripples is happy to answer your Career Consulting questions - Ask Away

Blu Ripples Workplace (EAP) Counselling Services – Providing a new perspective to workplace challenges

Blu Ripples is proud to announce Read More

Workplace Counselling: – Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation & Harrassment Action Plan

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workplace bullying

Are you experiencing workplace abuse, bullying, harrassment or intimidation? Need to talk – call Blu Ripples

At some point in our career we have either directly experienced or know of someone who has experienced Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and/or Harrassment.  But how do you help someone going through this difficult period.  Simply follow Blu Ripples® 5 Step action plan and you will be on the way to resolving the presenting concern.

5 Step Action Plan to Address Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and Harrassment Read More

Workplace Counselling: Yippee it’s Friday! – Addressing Job Dissatisfaction

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How many times have you found yourself uttering these words?  Or perhaps you have found yourself counting the days to the end of the week or year.

These cognitions (thoughts) are indeed a major sign of job dissatisfaction.  However, Blu Ripples main question to you is “Why are you dissatisfied in your work”?

Is it because you experiencing: – Read More

Career and Workplace Counselling: Coping with the Grief and Loss associated with Employment Termination, Separation and Redundancy

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Career Counselling - Coping with the grief and loss associated with Employment Termination, separation and redundancy

How we lose a job is not really as important as how we cope with the loss.

Katherine Foster, Blu Ripples Founder, 18 Sept 2010


A long time ago, probably close to 16 years ago, a wise individual shared with me an eloquent acronym for grief and loss associated with loss in general however one perceives it to be pertinent in this situation. Read More

Workplace Counselling: Balancing Work and Life (Part 2)

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work life balance

Blu Ripples – Developing a work life balance plan


Welcome everyone to Part 2 – Balancing Work and Life.

For those of you who read Part 1- What is Work Life Balance? I dare say you have been scratching your head for the past month pondering how to change your life.

Let’s begin by breaking the WORK Life Balance concept down into a simple formula.  That is, life consists of 3 areas: – Work, Rest and Play.  Within each area there are many sub-areas but for now lets just stick with these 3 areas.

As you know, a standard day consists of 24 hours so lets divide 24 hours by 3 – thus each area represents 8 hours of our lives.  To find balance on a daily basis may be a little tricky – in fact I can hear most of you saying “but I work more than 8 hours a day and if you add in travelling time it is more like 10 to 12 hours”.

Fair enough, so lets take this to a weekly level, using the same 8 hour segments per day there are 56 hours per week for each area thus if you work 10 hours a day for 5 days that is 50 hours of work with 6 left over.

Now, try this for yourself, grab a diary or a piece of A4 paper and break down your Work, Rest and Play areas for the week; for each day I would like you to tally the number of hours you spent on each of the above stated areas and at the end of the week I would like you to tally each area to find the grand total for each.

OK, so now it is the end of the week and you have tallied each area to give you a grand total for each.

  • What did you discover?
  • Where do you spend your time?

Now that you have answered the above stated questions, the final step in this equation is to determine where you want to change your commitments and habits to ensure a balanced life?  Perhaps you can figure this out on your own but I dare say a little help from an Accredited Counsellor and Human Resources Consultant would go a long way – so why don’t you call or e-mail me and set an appointment.

Blu Ripples – “Helping you through life’s ripples” ®