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Resume Writing Services – The Low Down

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resume writing services

Resume Writing Services – The Low Down 5 Hints and Tips for Sourcing a Professional Resume Writer


In the early 2000’s when I first started my then HR Consultancy specialising in Employment Documentation (Resume, Selection Criteria and Cover Letter), Personality Profiling and HR Consultancy Services for individuals and small businesses the internet was in it’s infancy and I remember Google contacting me at the time trying hard to sell advertising on this new platform for approximately 20c per click; at the time there was not even 1 full Google page of Resume Writers listed in the Sydney region.

Fast forward 15+ years and Google advertising has significantly increased from these emerging market pricing structures and as for the volume of Resume Writers advertising on Google well now there are frequently 10+ pages of advertises for one suburb or region let alone nationally or globally; not to mention other online platforms and traditional advertising sources.  The Resume Writing Services market has boomed over this period; but with this boom comes consumer confusion in relation to the quality of services, relevance, ethics and qualifications of professionals in the field.

Thus, the question becomes: –

How can the average consumer determine the value and merit of a Resume Writing Service? Read More

Resume Writing Services: – Is your Resume slightly outdated?

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Blu Ripples can Create or Refresh your Resume and bring it into the 21st Century!


Contact Katherine at Blu Ripples to discuss your individual needs.

For your convenience Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services offers 3 Appointment Options

  • Face to Face Appointments at our Port Stephens Office
  • Telephone; or
  • Skype

Turn your career goals into reality call Blu Ripples today to update your Resume, CV or LinkedIn Profile.

Career Counselling and Consulting Services Survey for Medowie and Port Stephens Residents

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I am currently revamping my Career Counselling and Consulting Services and am interested to find out what the members of my local community need and want in terms of Career Counselling, Consulting and Resume Writing Services.

I would really appreciate your input so I can revamp and/or design services that are meaningful to you.

Please click on Career Counselling Survey – Medowie and Port Stephens Residents and complete the 10 questions (mostly multiple choice), it should only take you 5 minutes; all feedback is valued and appreciated.

Thank You
P.S.  You may notice another Career Counselling survey on my website this website is for the larger NSW community whereas asks for specific feedback relating to our community.

Thank you once again.