redundancy and dismissal


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Blu Ripples Career Counselling and Consulting Services - We are Open during the Carona Virus Pandemic

Blu Ripples Career Counselling & Consulting Services (including Resume Writing Services) is open and running as normal through the Corona Virus pandemic and offering you or your loved one Career Services through the comfort and safety of your home via telephone or Skype consultation.

So if you are considering your career options or maybe you have been made redundant and are seeking help to:-

Write or update your Resume or employment documentation
Explore your career options and pathways
Undertake some career or academic planning
Research the job market now and into the future; or
Provide outplacement services to your employees

Give me a call today and have a chat, there is no judgement here – just listening and support – I have been through redundancy myself and have helped thousands of individuals over the years through career transition be it voluntary or forced (through redundancy or employment separation).

All I can say, is reach out and make the most of this time, analyse where you are now where you want to be in the future, develop a plan, take action steps so that you are ready to capture opportunities as they prepare themselves.

Remember the labour market maybe tighter now with so many individuals out of work but it does not mean that there are no opportunities out there you just need to be resourceful and possibly look at different options until the pandemic is over.

Finally, I believe it to be beneficial to mention that as a nationally registered Counsellor (with the Australian Counselling Association), I am also in a position to provide Personal Counselling Services to clients who maybe struggling with fears, worries or general anxiety as a result of the changes that are occurring as a result of the pandemic – so if you are struggling and want to talk – I am here

For those in the Defence Force – I am able to provided Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services to Defence Spouses and Partners through the PEAP Program so make use of this program through your self-isolation or lock-down time and be ready to jump when opportunities present themselves.

You can contact me on 1300 300 557 or via e-mail at

Stay safe everyone and if you do get the virus please self-isolate.


Katherine is the Founder of Blu Ripples a specialist Career Counselling and Consulting practice located in Port Stephens NSW. Katherine is a nationally registered Career Development Specialist and Counsellor; is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, Member of the Australian Counselling Association of Australia and Australian Association for Psychological Type.

Described as an down to earth, knowledgable, empathetic and empowering professional, Katherine has helped spouses and partners of Defence personnel with a range of Career Counselling and Employment Assistance services; prior to assisting the Defence in this way Katherine has previously assisted departing Defence personnel and contractors prepare employment documentation since 2003.

Workplace Counselling: Termination and Separation of Employment

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Employment Dismissal

What is the difference between employment dismissal, redundancy and termination? Blu Ripples provides the answers to your employment, career and workplace queries.


Employment termination and separation can be a complex and confronting area.  Perhaps you are contemplating terminating your employment maybe you have been dismissed or made redundant.  Either way, we dare say this is a difficult time for you.

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