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Personal and Career Counselling- Locals Helping Locals

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Blu Ripples - Personal and Career Counselling Services; helping locals through COVID-19 pandemic

Personal and Career Counselling Services

In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and the impact it has had on individuals, families and businesses Blu Ripples Counselling Services has developed and implemented 3 offers to help you or a loved one address personal wellbeing, career and employment support.

Simply choose one of the following four offers and contact Blu Ripples to discuss your individual situation and make an appointment (either Telephone or Skype) to speak with me from the comfort and safety of your home.

Blu Ripples Personal and Career Counselling Services - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) promotion; valid to 28th April 2020
Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services - New Client Offer - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) promotion; valid to 28th April 2020
Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services for Existing Clients; COVID-19 Promotion

For more information please contact me on 1300 300 557 or (02) 4982 9781 or shoot me an e-mail via

Just as we are helping you during this difficult time, we also appreciate your support and business – thank you for selecting Blu Ripples to help you through life’s ripples.

P.S.  Please note these offers do not include Defence Career Counselling (PEAP Program) participants, Psychometric Profiling Services, Career Reports or Plans; Terms and Conditions apply; Only one offer maybe used per individual (Offer 1, 2 or 3) or family (in the Offer 2. Option 2) Offers valid from 28th March 2020 to 28th April 2020 and maybe extended at the completion of this period if Blu Ripples deems there is significant interest or demand –  however this is at the sole discretion of Blu Ripples.

Personality Profiling – DISC Insights (IML) Accreditation

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DISC Insights

Blu Ripples Counselling and Consulting Services is proud to announce that Founder, Katherine Foster has recently obtained a DISC Accreditation through the Institute of Motivational Living and ACER Education Australia.

DISC (IML) is a powerful personality profile system that allows accredited practitioners to administer and analyse a clients personality over a period of time and variable settings.

For More information on DISC or Blu Ripples Psychometric Services including personality profiling please contact Katherine on 1300 300 557.

Online Appointments for Career and Workplace Counselling and Consulting Services

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Blu Ripples Online Appointment – Booking Form – Convenient, Fast and Reliable for the busy professional, parent or individual.


Blu Ripples is proud to announce the launch of our new online appointments – booking form.

Convenient, Fast and Reliable our online appointment – booking form is available when you are (day or night). Simply click on to our Home Page and then click on the Make an Appointment Button to the right hand side of the home page just above client testimonials; fill in your details and Blu Ripples will get back to you within 1 business day to confirm availability or to offer an alternative appointment time, should the clients first option be unavailable.

Alternatively current and perspective clients are welcome (as always) to contact Katherine directly on 1300 300 557 and schedule a counselling, career consulting or development appointment via telephone.

Find out more about our Skype, Career and Workplace Counselling, Consulting and Development Services now




EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Counselling Services – Port Stephens, Newcastle, Matiland & Hunter Region

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Blu Ripples is happy to answer your Career Consulting questions - Ask Away

Blu Ripples Workplace (EAP) Counselling Services – Providing a new perspective to workplace challenges

Blu Ripples is proud to announce Read More

Australian Counselling Association Membership – Katherine Foster of Blu Ripples

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ACA Member Logo

Blu Ripples hereby formally confirms that Katherine Foster is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), the peak national body for Counsellors in Australia.

For further information pertaining Katherine’s qualifications and professional affiliations please visit Katherine’s LinkedIn page and or her professional portfolio outlined in “About Us” on



Career and Workplace Counselling: – Recovering from and/or Preventing Burnout

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What is Burnout?

What is Burnout? How can we prevent burnout occurring in the first place?


In our previous blog “What is Burnout“? we defined the term Burnout and identified the 12 phases of burnout as coined by Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North in the 1970’s.

Today, one wishes to address the readers concern, that is if we are feeling the effect of burnout what exactly can we do to recover from it or better yet prevent it from occuring in the first place?

Great question here are 8 key strategies to consider: – Read More

Career and Workplace Counselling – Grief and Loss: – That job should have been mine!

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Workplace Counselling - Grief and Loss

Are you feeling deflated and upset after missing out on that job? Use those feelings as motivation to push forward with confidence and meaning.

How many times have you uttered these words?

Was it when you Read More

Career Counselling: – IF ONLY I…… STOP the Regrets and start pursuing your dreams

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Dream Big








If you could be or do anything in this life what would you do or be.  As children we have so many dreams about what we will do, be and become when we grow up but somewhere between childhood and adulthood our dreams become squashed, buried deep, hidden away or totally pulled apart and reworked because they do not fit our loved ones or societies view of who we should be.

So my question to you is “What dreams have you buried or given up on that would bring you fulfillment, happiness and joy”? Do not place any limitations on yourself such as if I only had a million dollars in the bank and did not have to worry about bills, the mortgage, school fees etc I would be or do xxxxxxxx.

Find a way of incorporating your dreams into your life it maybe that you start small for example you may have always wanted to start your own small business; start doing some research, enrol in a small business course, talk to people who work in the industry and have already set up their own small businesses.

By focusing on what you want (big picture) and taking positive small steps to incorporate aspects of the big picture into your life you will eventually see the realisation of your dreams.

Find the peace, contentment, fulfilment, happiness and joy that you have been searching for.  It is YOUR LIFE after all – You deserve to be HAPPY, content and fulfilled.  So take a risk, follow your dreams and be the best person you can be.  Life is too short for mediocrity.