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Career Counselling: – Job Uncertainty in Australian Labour Market

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Job Uncertainty – Don’t focus on the negative


Over the past 9 months there has been a barrage of major and iconic Australian companies and institutions hitting the wall and closing their doors as the effects of the Australian and Global economies are felt across the nation.

Last night alone, the local news reported that the NSW state government will strip $1.7 billion from the Education sector over the next four (4) years – that equates to $67 million pa.

Coupled with the closure of iconic brands such as Darrell Lea and King Island employees are losing their jobs in record numbers.  Job security and the economy is not what is was and the impact of this radical correction in our national and global economies will be felt for some time to come.

So as an individual what can you do?  Read More

Career Counselling: – Why is it taking so long to find a job?

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Job Search

Why is it taking me so long to find a job? Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services provides insight into this question – read more below

One recently heard and read some interesting articles on the length of time it takes for various members of the Australian workforce to attain a new position.  The broadcasts and articles stated that Read More

Workplace Counselling: – Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation & Harrassment Action Plan

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workplace bullying

Are you experiencing workplace abuse, bullying, harrassment or intimidation? Need to talk – call Blu Ripples

At some point in our career we have either directly experienced or know of someone who has experienced Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and/or Harrassment.  But how do you help someone going through this difficult period.  Simply follow Blu Ripples® 5 Step action plan and you will be on the way to resolving the presenting concern.

5 Step Action Plan to Address Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and Harrassment Read More

Career Development Assoication of Australia (CDAA) Membership – Katherine Foster of Blu Ripples

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CDAA - NSW COMMITTEE MEMBER; Katherine Foster - T/as Blu Ripples

Katherine Foster t/as Blu Ripples is a member of the Career Development Association of Australia

Blu Ripples® is proud to announce Katherine Foster has been accepted as a Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), the national peak body for Career Development Professionals (Careers Counsellors) in Australia; in recognition of her ongoing dedication to and participation in the industry, professional and academic credentials and commitment to her continual professional development.

Career Counselling: Making the Dream Happen (Part 3)

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Career Pathways

Which career pathway will you take to achieve your career goal?

In Blu Ripples previous Blog, Making the Dream Happen (Part 2), one encouraged you to define your rough idea into a SMART Goal both in the big picture and the first small step capacity.

Assuming you have undertaken the first step it is now the appropriate time to determine your path.   Using the example outlined in Part 2, Oncologist, one perceives that you believe that there is only one way to achieve this outcome.  Well I am here to tell you there is always more than one way it depends on how hard we look and investigate our options.

Did one get your attention?  Yes there is always another way to achieve your dreams!

The first step in becoming an Oncologist is to attain your Bachelor of Medicine and then specialise – correct?  Well not necessarily!

What if you don’t get into the Bachelor of Medicine – then what?  What other options are open to you? Read More

Workplace Counselling: What is Work Life Balance?

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Blu Ripples Workplace Counselling - What is work life balance?


Today we explore the definition of Work Life Balance and how to achieve this with some Workplace Counselling hints and tips

So what exactly is Work Life Balance?

In a nutshell, it is ensuring that we give equal time to our personal and professional lives to ensure that there is a balance between both, which in turn plays a part in reducing our stress and discontentment in life.

OK, let’s look at your life for a few minutes do you know where you spend most of your time is it at work, at home looking after the kids, volunteering your time for a good cause or any number of other activities.  How is this impacting the rest of your life?  Are you happy, stressed, bored etc?  Are you been true to yourself, your wants, needs and desires?

If you are spending more time on one particular activity or area your life is said to be “out of balance”.  So how do you change this?

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Balancing Work and Life

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Career Counselling: Career Identification & Exploration- Help for Parents with Teenagers

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Blu Ripples – We help parents discuss and explore career options and career pathways with their teenagers

Blu Ripples Founder, Katherine Foster, 2010

On contemplation of this article ones mind wonders back to a conversation one had with a local elderly resident a couple of years ago.

The resident stated to the author that

to make a child successful in their professional and personal life that the parents “needed to teach their child all manner of things” from “feeling the grass between their toes to experiencing travel and all life has to offer”.

Port Stephens elderly resident’s conversation with Katherine Foster – Blu Ripples Founder
Read More