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Personal and Career Counselling- Locals Helping Locals

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Blu Ripples - Personal and Career Counselling Services; helping locals through COVID-19 pandemic

Personal and Career Counselling Services

In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and the impact it has had on individuals, families and businesses Blu Ripples Counselling Services has developed and implemented 3 offers to help you or a loved one address personal wellbeing, career and employment support.

Simply choose one of the following four offers and contact Blu Ripples to discuss your individual situation and make an appointment (either Telephone or Skype) to speak with me from the comfort and safety of your home.

Blu Ripples Personal and Career Counselling Services - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) promotion; valid to 28th April 2020
Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services - New Client Offer - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) promotion; valid to 28th April 2020
Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services for Existing Clients; COVID-19 Promotion

For more information please contact me on 1300 300 557 or (02) 4982 9781 or shoot me an e-mail via

Just as we are helping you during this difficult time, we also appreciate your support and business – thank you for selecting Blu Ripples to help you through life’s ripples.

P.S.  Please note these offers do not include Defence Career Counselling (PEAP Program) participants, Psychometric Profiling Services, Career Reports or Plans; Terms and Conditions apply; Only one offer maybe used per individual (Offer 1, 2 or 3) or family (in the Offer 2. Option 2) Offers valid from 28th March 2020 to 28th April 2020 and maybe extended at the completion of this period if Blu Ripples deems there is significant interest or demand –  however this is at the sole discretion of Blu Ripples.

Finding the Right Career Path for You

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Career Path

Career Counselling – Finding the Right Career Path for You

Have you ever wondered what it is like to find the right career pathway for you, to find your passion?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the privilege to work with two such individuals.

The first soul whom cam to see me, came to have a Career Development Report produced.  The individual soul in question came to me with some firm ideas about what they wanted to do but at the end of the psychometric assessment process had their interest piques in a totally new area; you could say their perspective or awareness was awakened.  So much so that the individual soul telephoned me a copy of time before the delivery of their report and told me that they had discovered a firm interest in Primary Education as a result of the psychometric profiling session and had subsequently taken action and applied to university to do a bridging course in preparation for study next year; and now was just waiting to have the report delivered to put the final pieces of the puzzle into place.

The second soul whom came to see me, had already transitioned into her passion (new career) a couple of years before hand and sought help to prepare her employment documentation for the next strategic career move.

Interestingly both souls were in their 40’s, the first in their early 40’s the second in their late forties.

At a time when most of us can become stuck nay bogged down in our career and life, because of life circumstances and/our mindset. These two individual souls broke the glass ceiling or pushed their way through the mud and reached new peaks, dispelling fears about starting over and/or not gaining employment because they were “too old” they simply established their goals and moved forward with confidence, determination and vigour.

So looking back at both of these souls what are the 3 qualities they displayed and how can we learn from them Read More

Career Counselling and Consulting Services Survey for Medowie and Port Stephens Residents

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I am currently revamping my Career Counselling and Consulting Services and am interested to find out what the members of my local community need and want in terms of Career Counselling, Consulting and Resume Writing Services.

I would really appreciate your input so I can revamp and/or design services that are meaningful to you.

Please click on Career Counselling Survey – Medowie and Port Stephens Residents and complete the 10 questions (mostly multiple choice), it should only take you 5 minutes; all feedback is valued and appreciated.

Thank You
P.S.  You may notice another Career Counselling survey on my website this website is for the larger NSW community whereas asks for specific feedback relating to our community.

Thank you once again.

Career Counselling: What path should I take?

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Career pathways



















There is an old saying that states “that what we think we want to do (an usually study for) when we leave school is not necessarily what we will end up doing when we are 25, 35, 55 or beyond for that matter”.

Careers Counselling is about helping you identify and explore what YOU want to do with your professional life not what others perceive you SHOULD do.

Why is this so important?  Well in my opinion there are two (2) good reasons: –

1. Your career helps you achieve your dreams; and
2. 30-40 years is a long death sentence if you are stuck in a job or profession you hate – it literally sucks the life out of you instead of providing inspiration and motivation.

Let Blu Ripples help you find your path; contact us today.