Mental Health Signs and Symptoms Surveys

Mental Health Signs and Symptoms Surveys - Blu Ripples
Mental Health Signs and Symptoms Surveys help clients determine if there is a need to seek a diagnostic assessment from their doctor and also provides Blu Ripples with insights and ethical baselines for Career Counselling and Psychometric Profiling Services including Aptitude, Career Interest and Personality Profiling


Mental Health Signs and Symptoms Surveys are utilised by Blu Ripples to facilitate in the determination of whether or not it is ethically appropriate to administer psychometric instruments to clients either as a stand-alone service or as part of a reporting project such as our Career Development Report.

Please note the following instruments are defined as Signs and Symptoms Surveys

  • Depression Inventory – Signs and Symptoms Survey for Children
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress Survey (DASS 21) – Signs and Symptoms Survey for Adults
  • Life Stressor Scales for pre-school, primary and high school students – Signs and Symptoms Survey
  • Risk Assessment Surveys for Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Self- Harm in Children and Teenagers

Please note that the term signs and symptoms survey refers to the identification of signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, that is the surveys are not a diagnostic tool rather a preliminary tool to identify whether a client presents with signs and symptoms of conditions that warrant further investigation prior to undertaking additional services and/or psychometric instrumentation assessment.

Should a client present with moderate or higher signs and symptoms of one or more mental health conditions Blu Ripples will refer the client to their GP for diagnostic assessment prior to proceeding with any other services to ensure the client general health and well-being and that Blu Ripples adheres to ethical administration guidelines.