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Blu Ripples Career Interest Testing Services – Pointing you in the right career direction based on YOUR career interests


Blu Ripples Career Interest Testing Services empowers clients, just like you, to identify and explore career interests and occupational clusters thus in turn providing you with meaningful and relevant career data to make informed career decisions.

Blu Ripples Career Interest Testing Services achieves this by listening to you, identifying your individual needs and circumstances, administering and analysing appropriate career guidance and interest testing tools sourced from reputable affiliated educational research institutions and renowned educational providers.

Utilising one or more career interest surveys (online, paper-based or card sorters) you will successfully identify career interests, occupational clusters and sub-clusters based solely on your career preferences and career assessment responses. 


Career Interest Testing, also commonly referred to as career assessments, career tests and career quizzes; and refers to a wide range of vocational (career) psychometric instruments that measure and evaluate your: –

  • Aptitude
  • Career Interests
  • Career Values
  • Motivational Factors
  • Skills Preferences
  • Work Environment Preferences

You can engage Blu Ripples Career Interest Testing Services as a stand-alone service, incorporate one or more career interest tests into complementary career services or alternatively access extensive career interest testing through Blu Ripples Career Development Report.

It is important for you to remember that the purpose of Career Interest Testing is to provide you with:-

  • Meaningful career information and baselines from which conversations can commence
  • Resources to investigate academic and labour market opportunities; and
  • Career strategies to facilitate in the attainment of your career goal.


Our Founder, Katherine Foster whom has administered and analysed a diverse array of career interest tests since 2005.

Katherine possess Specialist clearance with ACER Education; is a Member of AusApt, Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and a Member of the Australian Counselling Association whom will draw on her professional experiences, qualifications and accreditations in: –

    • Career Development and Education
    • Counselling
    • Human Resource Management


Blu Ripples Psychometric Testing Outcomes- Feb19

Our previous career interest testing clients have included:-

  • Adults
  • High school students, teenagers and youth
  • Job seekers
  • Management
  • Professionals
  • Tertiary education students and graduates,
  • Transitioning and ex-Defence personnel and their spouses

With expressed purpose to discover, commence, improve or transition their careers.

Blu Ripples Career Interest Testing – Pointing you in the right career direction based on YOUR interests