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Aptitude Testing Services- Blu Ripples
Blu Ripples Aptitude Testing Services – Providing you with insights and baselines to assist you in developing career strategies


Blu Ripples Aptitude Testing Services transforms career and academic ambiguity and confusion into clarity and empowerment by providing clients, just like you, with cognitive insights and baselines that will enable them to quickly and efficiently determine career and academic pathways that are suitable based on the clients’ natural abilities, strengths and talents thus in turn affording clients the opportunity to objectively investigate and/or eliminate career and academic options and pathways that do not complement their innate preferences.

You can choose to engage Blu Ripples Aptitude Testing Services on an

  • Individual test basis i.e. to select and purchase only one test
  • Group tests together i.e to select and purchase two or more tests of your choice
  • Create tailored packages to meet your individual or workplace needs; or
  • Engage Blu Ripples to prepare a tailored Career Development Report which incorporates extensive aptitude testing and analysis as part of the career development report process.


Blu Ripples provides a range of online and paper-based aptitude tests including: –

  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Basic Literacy – Applied Reading
  • Customer Service
  • General Clerical- Applied Reading
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Sales
  • Technical and Trades – Applied Reading
  • Verbal Reasoning

Additional aptitude tests may be sourced from our psychometric testing supplier based on your individual requirements and in accordance with our specialist clearance categories.


Our founder, Katherine Foster whom has administered and analysed a diverse array of psychometric instruments since 2005.

Katherine possess specialist clearance with ACER Education; is a member of Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusApt), Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and a Member of the Australian Counselling Association whom will draw on her professional experiences, qualifications and accreditations to assist you in identifying suitable aptitude tests to meet your requirements.


The time-frame for each instrument (test) varies; as a general rule of thumb you will find the average time-frame for each online aptitude instrument to be 15 – 30 min per instrument.

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instruments there are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to prior to proceeding.

Should you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Our previous aptitude testing clients have included:-

  • Adults
  • Defence partners, Defence contractors and Ex-Defence personnel
  • Graduates
  • High school students and youth
  • Job seekers
  • Management
  • Organisatations seeking to assess candidates and existing employees
  • Professionals

whom are seeking to commence or change careers, investigative career options, strengths and innate preferences and individuals whom simply wish to develop a greater insight and understanding of the self in order to develop and implement effective career development strategies.

Blu Ripples Aptitude Testing Services – Providing you with cognitive insights and baselines to grow and develop your career or team