Age Restrictions for Psychometric Instruments

Age Restrictions
Age Restrictions apply to Psychometric Profiling Services including Mental Health Signs and Symptoms Surveys, Aptitude, Career Interest and Personality Profiling; to discuss your individual needs call Blu Ripples


It is important that clients and parents understand that each psychometric instrument is designed for a particular audience i.e. children, teenagers and adults by each individual psychometric instrument supplier; and as such each supplier establishes a minimum age restriction for the administration and analysis of their instrument.  That is, it is considered unethical to administer a Psychometric Instrument to an individual whom does not meet the minimum age requirements.

Administering and Analysing Psychometric Instruments

To administer and analyse a psychometric instrument an individual must not be younger than the minimum age outlined on the instrument; or if an intellectually gifted student must be able to read and comprehend at the minimum age listed on the instrument.  Administration outside of these guidelines is considered unethical.

General Rule of Thumb – Age Restrictions for Psychometric Instruments

As a general rule of thumb, Blu Ripples Psychometric Testing Services administers psychometric instruments to individuals aged 15+ years in the categories of Personality Type, Human Resource, Organisational Development and Career Counselling.

ExpectionsAge Restrictions for Psychometric Instrument

The exception to the above rule is Career, Hobbies and Interest Card Sorters that can be utilised on minors under 15 years for the first stages of career exploration in a one-on-one career counselling and development session with Blu Ripples Founder, Katherine Foster.

With respect to Counselling and Mental Health psychometric instruments for minors, Blu Ripples utilises surveys and scales designed specifically for minors thus it is ethical to administer these instruments in accordance with supplier guidelines.