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Blu Ripples Psychometric Testing Services is a journey of self discovery that will provide you with insight and clarity into your personal and professional life, general health and well being; Transform ambiguity and confusion into clarity and empowerment today!


Blu Ripples Psychometric Testing Services is a journey of self-discovery and understanding for both individual clients and organisations who choose to utilise this tool to assist in establishing baselines from which decisions can be made and strategies executed.

Psychometric Testing measures a range of factors including but not limited to skills, knowledge, abilities, traits, mental capabilities and behavioural styles and as a result provides insight and clarity into your personal and professional life, general health and well-being.

It is important for clients and workplaces to understand that Psychometric instruments provides information, facts and perspective, there is no right or wrong answer; and that Blu Ripples Psychometric Testing Services listens to the individual clients’ or organisational needs and circumstances to determine and administer tailored psychometric solutions in accordance with our specialist qualifications, accreditations and clearances.



Blu Ripples Psychometric Testing Services administers and analyses psychometric instruments in three (3) key categories: –

  • Counselling and Mental Health
  • Human Resources, Career and Organisational Development
  • Personality Type

Counselling and Mental Health

  • Coping Scales for Adults and Teenagers
  • Depression Inventory – Signs and Symptoms Survey for Children
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress Survey (DASS 21) – Signs and Symptoms Survey for Adults
  • Feelings Inventory
  • Life Stressor Scales for pre-school, primary and high school students – Signs and Symptoms Survey
  • Risk Assessment Surveys for Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Self- Harm in Children and Teenagers

Human Resources, Career and Organisational Development

  • Aptitude Testing
  • Career Card Sorters
  • Career Explorer
  • Career Interest Surveys
  • Career Values Card Sorters
  • Communication Preference Surveys
  • Educational Pathways
  • Hobbies and Interest Card Sorters
  • Leadership
  • Motivated Skills Card Sorters
  • Occupational Interests

Personality Types

Alternative psychometric instruments may be purchased from our supplier based on the individual needs of our clients in accordance with our qualifications, accreditation and clearance status.

Clients can choose to engage Blu Ripples Aptitude Testing Services on an

  • Individual test basis i.e. to select and purchase only one test
  • Group tests together i.e. to select and purchase two or more tests of your choice
  • Create tailored packages to meet your individual or workplace needs; or
  • Engage Blu Ripples to prepare a tailored Career Development Report which incorporates extensive aptitude testing and analysis as part of the career development report process.



It is imperative that clients considering undertaking Psychometric Testing Services with Blu Ripples understand that it is a mandatory requirement for Blu Ripples and all psychometric practitioners in the industry to: –

  • Ensure a client is of sound mind and body; and
  • Can read and comprehend English at the minimum age category; the age category will vary from instrument to instrument

Prior to administering any psychometric instrument.

Should a client present with one or more moderate or higher signs and symptoms of mental health conditions e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Blu Ripples is ethically required to ensure the client receives medical clearance from their GP prior to proceeding in accordance with mandatory regulations pertaining to the administration of psychometric instrumentation.

For additional information pertaining to ethical considerations please click on the following links: –



Our Founder, Katherine Foster whom has administered and analysed a diverse array of psychometric instruments since 2005.

Katherine possess three (3) specialist clearance with ACER Education; is a Member of Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusApt), Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and a Member of the Australian Counselling Association whom will draw on her professional experiences, qualifications, accreditations and clearances.



Our previous psychometric clients have included parents, teenagers, individuals, adults, couples, job seekers, secondary and tertiary students, graduates, professionals, managers, ex-defence personnel and their spouses, businesses, workplace counselling and consulting clients.


Career Counselling and Psychometric Profiling



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