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Defence Career Counselling Testimonials - PEAP Program

Empowering Defence personnel partners through career transition

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    Katherine, I came to see you through the Defence Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services Program (PEAP) after relocating from Sydney to Newcastle with my husband whom is in the Defence. When I came to see you I felt nervous because I had worked in Education for over 20 years and had not had an interview for all of that time and I was tossing up whether or not I would pursue Education up here or try another industry utilising my skills and experience. At first we devoloped my Resume and Cover Letter to capture Education opportunities and then the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and everything changed; we rejigged the documents and shortly thereafter I was successful in gaining an interview in the Aged Care industry. I was told by the interviewer that there were 200 applicants, 7 to 9 were interviewed and that I was the successful applicant - always was from the first point of when they saw my application. Because I came to see you through the PEAP program, I feel more confident with the prospect of securing interviews and applying for positions. Thank you.  
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    Today, I received a lovely text message from a young mum of 3 and partner of a Defence Force Member whom sought Career Counselling Services through the Defence Force PEAP Program. Over a three month period (with some time in between session due to giving birth), this new mum, and I: - Identified her Key Transferable Skills, Explored Employment Options and Pathways, Identified personality type, career interests and options with MBTI and JVIS,and Discussed Job Search Strategies and Techniques with her permission, I have the pleasure of sharing part of this text... I think all our sesisons paid off. I'm feeling very good and I've decided to pursue floristy for now as a side business...... I've gotten very clear on whom I am from our (Career Counselling) sessions, lots sat with me and lots made sense... I am spontaneous and creative and I think I had a hard time accepting that before. I have finally let go of my old business and I'm playing with flowers for now until I am ready to move forward (with study in the future); the kids really are a full time job as it is. I really am thankful for your sessions (followed by prayer, smiley face and hearts emjoi's). Thanks Katherine!!! You are amazing. Career Counselling Defence Force PEAP Program Client; Medowie Port Stephens NSW  
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    My Resume and Cover Letter are very well written

    Katherine, my husband (who is in the Defence Force) and I recently moved to Port Stephens from Sydney and I was considering my employment options and needed a Resume when I called you. Upon learning that my husband was in the Defence you mentioned the PEAP Program and the Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services I could access through this - I had no idea this existed before I spoke to you and neither did my husband. After speaking with you I contacted the Defence and telephoned back to request a PEAP Quotation and was subsequently approved. So far you have prepared my Resume and a general Cover Letter. The Resume and Cover Letter are really good.... In fact I asked my husband who works in Human Resources if this is really me and he said "Yes it is you, it is just very well written". Katherine, I could never have made myself sound so good on paper; thank you I will be in touch again soon for the rest of the PEAP Services. Resume Writing Services Anna Bay Client; PEAP Program
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    The Majors PTi instrument outcomes and report resonated with me. I found the feedback a little weird to hear at first as it was so me and I had a number of of ah ha moments. Katherine, I never thought about my personality and career options in such a way before. The Majors PTi personality report you compiled for me was very valuable to me; it explains and aligns me. Before undertaking the personality profiling test I felt scattered and lost and now I have come to a place of understanding and choice. The Majors PTi instrument and report opened my mind; but then again Katherine every time I come to see you I feel my mind is opened a little more - in different ways. Defence Career Counselling - Personality Profiling, Medowie Client
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    My Key Transferable Skills Report is Relevant and Very Helpful

    I LOVE the way my Key Transferable Skills Report is written; how you quickly and accurately summarised my experiences into skills such as Systems Analysis. The Key Transferable Skills Report will be very helpful in helping me recognise the skills I have when searching for job advertisements online and when I write my resume. Katherine, I also love that you have broken my skills down into four key areas for example foundation and specialist skills; the report is pretty good it is more than I could ever come up with. As a result, I feel more confident in applying for roles that I may have passed over previously. Thank you Defence Career Counselling - PEAP Program Client - Medowie NSW
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    My wife transferred to NSW earlier this year and I followed shortly after; at present I am studying nursing with a long term goal to study medicine and work with the Defence Force myself and thus was eager to have my Resume professionally prepared for me.

    Katherine, whilst there were a couple of little changes that I made to the Career Overview and Objective sections to make it feel like it was my own, I am very happy with the layout, wording and outcome.

    The Resume process gave me direct insight into the professional world and for that I am grateful.

    Partner of Defence Personnel, Fern Bay - Port Stephens NSW
  • Resume Writing Services PEAP Program; Defence Career Counselling and Employment Services                


    I moved to Port Stephens with two young children and my husband who works in the RAAF last year.

    At the end of last year, I contacted you to prepare a PEAP Quotation, and after gaining clearance to proceed with the Defence Force, we scheduled an appointment to create a new Resume for me - as I am seeking to commence a new career as a Therapy Aide (my preference is Occupational or Speech Therapy).

    Katherine, I actually love the work you've done (for me, including the Key Transferable Skills Analysis) and the Resume is exceptional.

    Thank you.
  • Key Transferable Skills Analysis - Defence Career Counselling



    My husband was deployed to Port Stephens in 2018; after the unpacking and settling process I decided that it was time to start looking for a job -  one that offered flexibility with two small children.

    Katherine, I contacted you in November 2018 and you provided me with a detailed Defence Career Counselling - PEAP Quotation outlining a range of services in accordance with the PEAP program.  I submitted this to the Defence and was given authorisation to proceed.

    I choose to engage your Key Transferable Skills Analysis Report and Resume Writing Services as I found it difficult to identify my skills and had lots of ideas but no solid career pathway or plans.

    The first session for the Key Transferable Skills Analysis Report was so valuable it helped that I could talk things through with you - I found this process helped me clarify both my direction and skills.

    Today, I picked up the Key Transferable Skills Analysis Report and found it to be comprehensive yet concise and very accurate.  The report identified skills I had never thought about before but upon reflection can now see the skills - it is an accurate reflection of me based on my career to date.

    I will use this valuable document every time I apply for a position; it will help me use professional terminology to express myself both in my employment documentation and at interviews.

    Not only did this process give me direction, it provided insight into areas I should steer clear of based on my needs, wants, preferences and goals.

    I am looking forward to having my Resume professionally prepared next week and feel confident in moving forward with my career; in fact I have already stated looking at academic courses.

    Thank you Katherine.

    Defence Career Counselling (PEAP Program) Client Testimonial, Defence Partner and Mother of 2, Port Stephens NSW


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