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Blu Ripples Cover Letter Writing Services
Blu Ripples Cover Letter Writing Services professionally capturing and introducing you to prospective employers and recruitment consultants


Blu Ripples will professionally captures your skills, knowledge, interest, experiences and achievements in a customised employment cover letter that professionally introduces you to prospective employers or recruiters whilst simultaneously engaging the reader and prompting follow through action.

Working closely with Katherine, we will schedule a 1 on 1 consultation with you either in person at our office, online (Skype or e-mail) or via telephone to determine: –

  • Who the letter will be addressed and forwarded to as outlined in the job advertisement
  • What relevant experience, skills, knowledge and achievements you have in order to support your application
  • When you require the letter by
  • Why you want to apply for this position and why should the prospective employer select you over other applicants
  • How you perceive that you match the employer criterion and fit into their organisation; plus
  • Any additional information that will assist in the creation of your customised cover letter


It is difficult to say how long the consultation will take because it is determined on a number of factors including: –

  • If you are an existing client and we already have a good understand of your background
  • Type of correspondence you would like us to prepare on your behalf
  • Complexity of the role and response required
  • Type of document that you required

As a general rule of thumb, a non-management 1 page document not addressing criteria or key capability framework responses may take 15-30 minutes to gather the relevant information required if we are preparing your Resume-CV at the same time; whereas Expressions of Interest consultations may take an hour or more.

Therefore, it is best when you contact us to provide as much meaningful information as possible for example:- 

  • The type of letter you require
  • Your cut-off time frame
  • Whether or not you have worked in a similar role previously
  • If you are starting a new career and have numerous or limited key transferable skills

because then Katherine can provide you with an accurate consultation time-frame and estimate/costing.


Katherinecreates the following tailored cover letters:-

  • 1 or 2 Page employment cover letter
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) incorporation Employment Summary; maximum 5 pages
  • Expression of Interest (EOI); maximum 2 pages

Thus, when enquiring about our services please provide clear directions based on the needs of the job advertisement.


Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services - Yerrinbool Southern Highlands NSW - Blu Ripples

Blu Ripples has provided professional employment Cover Letter Writing Services to:-

  • Adults
  • High school students, youth and graduates,
  • Professionals – corporate and trades
  • Supervisors, managers and executive management

and welcomes the opportunity to help you prepare your employment cover letter.

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