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Career Counselling and Planning – What is going on in our universities? The need to understand self

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A couple of months ago, one was exploring Master programs offered at a variety of Australian universities. During this process, one spoke with Read More

Career Counselling: What role does personality play in our career?

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Career Planning and Development – What role does your personality play in career?

It could be argued that ones personality plays an instrumental role in not only our career selection but our advancement up the corporate ladder.  Thus, one perceives it to be imperative to not only understand our own personality but also with those we work with.

So, how do we determine our personality type?

Most of us will learn this through trial and error, listening to others perceptions and analysing our own.  It can literally take a life time this way.

But there is an easier way.

As a qualified Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) practitioner (QMBTI) one is able to administer and analyse a psychological type instrument that will indicate 1 of 16 possible personality (Type) outcomes.

Broken down into four (4) key areas

  1. Extroversion     V         Introversion
  2. Intuition             V         Sensing
  3. Thinking           V         Feeling
  4. Judging            V         Perceiving

The unique combination of each area will provide a detailed insight into how you prefer to communicate and interact in both your professional and personal life.  Imagine the benefits of knowing how to communicate with your boss or client in a way that is beneficial and meaningful for them.  Would that not increase your personal productivity and efficiency which could subsequently equate to an increase in career development and advancement opportunities.