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Career Counselling: – IF ONLY I…… STOP the Regrets and start pursuing your dreams

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Dream Big








If you could be or do anything in this life what would you do or be.  As children we have so many dreams about what we will do, be and become when we grow up but somewhere between childhood and adulthood our dreams become squashed, buried deep, hidden away or totally pulled apart and reworked because they do not fit our loved ones or societies view of who we should be.

So my question to you is “What dreams have you buried or given up on that would bring you fulfillment, happiness and joy”? Do not place any limitations on yourself such as if I only had a million dollars in the bank and did not have to worry about bills, the mortgage, school fees etc I would be or do xxxxxxxx.

Find a way of incorporating your dreams into your life it maybe that you start small for example you may have always wanted to start your own small business; start doing some research, enrol in a small business course, talk to people who work in the industry and have already set up their own small businesses.

By focusing on what you want (big picture) and taking positive small steps to incorporate aspects of the big picture into your life you will eventually see the realisation of your dreams.

Find the peace, contentment, fulfilment, happiness and joy that you have been searching for.  It is YOUR LIFE after all – You deserve to be HAPPY, content and fulfilled.  So take a risk, follow your dreams and be the best person you can be.  Life is too short for mediocrity.


Career Services: – Online (Skype) Career Counselling Services

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Blu Ripples offers online (Skype) Counselling sessions


Blu Ripples® is proud to provide Online (Skype) Video and Telephone Counselling services.

To schedule an Online (Skype) Counselling session, please contact Blu Ripples® via e-mail ( between 9am and 6pm (AEST) Mon-Fri or Sat 10am to 2pm.

Online (Skype) Counselling sessions are available after hours, however bookings are essential and appointments are subject to availability.




Workplace Counselling: – Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation & Harrassment Action Plan

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workplace bullying

Are you experiencing workplace abuse, bullying, harrassment or intimidation? Need to talk – call Blu Ripples

At some point in our career we have either directly experienced or know of someone who has experienced Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and/or Harrassment.  But how do you help someone going through this difficult period.  Simply follow Blu Ripples® 5 Step action plan and you will be on the way to resolving the presenting concern.

5 Step Action Plan to Address Workplace Bullying, Abuse, Intimidation and Harrassment Read More

Career Counselling: High School Students – Are you ready for work?

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High School Students - Preparing for work

High School Students – Are you ready for work?

One of the major milestones of life is that of Child to Adult and all that brings along with it including entering the workforce.

Blu Ripples question to you is –

Are you ready for this?

Do you know what you want to do in life or are you struggling to find your path? Read More

Career Counselling: Making the Dream Happen (Part 3)

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Career Pathways

Which career pathway will you take to achieve your career goal?

In Blu Ripples previous Blog, Making the Dream Happen (Part 2), one encouraged you to define your rough idea into a SMART Goal both in the big picture and the first small step capacity.

Assuming you have undertaken the first step it is now the appropriate time to determine your path.   Using the example outlined in Part 2, Oncologist, one perceives that you believe that there is only one way to achieve this outcome.  Well I am here to tell you there is always more than one way it depends on how hard we look and investigate our options.

Did one get your attention?  Yes there is always another way to achieve your dreams!

The first step in becoming an Oncologist is to attain your Bachelor of Medicine and then specialise – correct?  Well not necessarily!

What if you don’t get into the Bachelor of Medicine – then what?  What other options are open to you? Read More

Career Counselling: Making the Dream happen! (Part 2)

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dream believe create succeed

Dream Believe Create Succeed – You Can Do It; Katherine Foster 2009


There is an old saying that “Life is what you make it”.  Thus, life is about ideas and concepts and putting them into action so that we can make our dreams a reality.  Thus, ones question to you is Read More

Career Counselling: Career Identification & Exploration- Help for Parents with Teenagers

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Blu Ripples – We help parents discuss and explore career options and career pathways with their teenagers

Blu Ripples Founder, Katherine Foster, 2010

On contemplation of this article ones mind wonders back to a conversation one had with a local elderly resident a couple of years ago.

The resident stated to the author that

to make a child successful in their professional and personal life that the parents “needed to teach their child all manner of things” from “feeling the grass between their toes to experiencing travel and all life has to offer”.

Port Stephens elderly resident’s conversation with Katherine Foster – Blu Ripples Founder
Read More