Career Counselling: – Should I apply for Jobs now or wait until the Coronavirus runs its course?

Is now the time to apply for jobs or should I wait until Covid passes?

Earlier this week a career counselling client whom currently works in the real estate industry asked me “Katherine, should I bother applying for jobs now or should I wait until the Coronavirus settles down”?

My answer in short was YES and NO; let me explain: –

Applying for Jobs – A Career Counsellors Perspective

From my perspective, it really depends on the industries and occupations that you are applying.

For example if you are wanting to enter the Travel and Hospitality Industry for example now is not a good time to apply for positions when the industry is making thousands of individuals redundant.

If, however you are seeking employment in industries that are not directly impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) then yes keep applying for positions.

Boom and Bust Industries A quick overview

My rationale in relation to the above, is that whilst many industries are taking a hard hit with massive job losses and redundancies (the latest been Virgin Airlines) there are other industries, sectors and occupations that are experiencing mega growth and cannot keep up with the demand for example lets look at the big Supermarket chains e.g. Woolworths and Coles whom are struggling to re-stock the shelves and whom are also putting out a call to arms for administration officers and logistics coordinators etc. as they have more positions than they can fill – from what I have heard they just want people who want to work – is that you?

Other sectors that are experiencing a boom because of the COVID-19 are Medical, Transport and Logistics, Nursing, Pharmaceuticals, Video Conferencing and Telecommunications; and what about Community Services, Counselling, Welfare and Social Services; whilst we have not heard much about these industries at the moment it is my prediction that as more and more individuals and families are placed into lockdown it is an unfortunate side-effect that more and more of the general population will struggle to cope and as a result it is highly probable that domestic and family violence will increase and thus the potential for more children to be taken out of their homes and placed into care e.g. Foster Care.

By the way let’s not forget about the associated sectors, industries and occupations that support and/or supply these sectors and industries for example the medical field are in short supply of N95 masks at the moment; there in itself is a wide range of sectors, industries and occupations that will experience a boom from manufacturing (hiring individuals to make and ship the masks), to the wholesaler who buys and supplies to the retailer whom them onsells to the medical industry; to import and export trade, transport and logistics to get the masks from the wharfs and drop off locations around Australia to the hospitals and medical facilities around the nation, to the administrators in the offices who are ordering the supplies…. the list could go on and on….

Thus, my point is as one industry crashes and burns (for the short term or maybe longer term) there will be other industries that come in and take their place in terms of growth and employment opportunities.  The question is how badly do you want to work, will you only take a job that is/was similar or comparable to your old one or will you take a job in a different industry or sector at a similar pay level or maybe less that is not ideal role but at the end of the day pays and puts food on the table.

Labour Market and Economic Concerns if you do not take employment opportunities when they present themselves

My concern as an individual and career counsellor is the demand that is going to be placed on the welfare system now and the long term impact of this on the economy once we recover; we have had a horrific time of late with bushfires, floods and now the Corona Virus (COVID-19) what is this going to do to our insurance (another industry that is likely to boom as a result of claims been made) from commercial and house insurance claims to income protection insurance payouts.

Thus, is it responsible for us to say hey let’s try and wait this out – that is a judgement call on your part but from my perspective I see now as the perfect time to work on yourself and your career (as I have also previously articulated in my article Career Counselling – CoronaVirus – Impact on Careers – How to Manage and Grow Your Career During the Pandemic); to make use of this time to create or update your Resume, Online Profiles, Employment Documentation, to explore career and academic pathways; to identify your professional goals, strengths and development areas and make an action plan and follow through.

Now is the time to seize the day and keep on top of your career to the best of your ability; to seize the opportunities when they come in so you don’t struggle as an individual or provider for your family but also to grasp these opportunities so that we as a community and proud nation do not suffer to consequences of a recession or depression as a result of this period of time.

OK, You made me think – I want to apply for jobs but I don’t know where to start?

You know what, that is OK, that is what career counselling professionals like I am here for to help you figure out your career pathway, career options, key transferable skills, professional attributes and strengths; to empower you and help you write employment documentation so that you feel confident in your skills, capabilities and experiences and the application of same moving forward whatever that likes like.

So give me a call and let’s have a chat about how to get you from been stuck to a place of positive movement forward; remember baby steps – one at a time will get you to where you want to be a lot faster than not taking any steps at all while you wait to see what happens.

Defence Force Spouse or Partner

As outlined in my article How to access FREE Career Counselling during pandemic – Defence Spouses/Partners it is possible for you to access Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services if you are eligible and have located within the last 12 months to the value of $1500.00 through the PEAP Program; so if you are not sure where to start, are struggling to find a new career or restart your career particularly in these difficult economic times please make use of this facility and telephone Blu Ripples we will be happy to provide you with a PEAP Quotation and subsequently provide you with the nominated services upon approval by the Defence.


Katherine is the Founder of Blu Ripples a specialist Career Counselling and Consulting practice located in Port Stephens NSW. Katherine is a nationally registered Career Development Specialist and Counsellor; is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, Member of the Australian Counselling Association of Australia and Australian Association for Psychological Type.

Career Counselling: – How to access FREE Career Counselling during pandemic – Defence Spouses/Partners

Is your partner or spouse in the Defence Force; learn how you can access free Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services during COVID through Defence

Are you a partner or spouse of a Defence member?

Would you like to access FREE Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services through Defence during the pandemic?

Great news!

It is possible for you to access free Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Service through Defence and make use of any down time you may have – at no cost to you.

So How Does This Free Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services Work?

First and foremost your spouse or partner must be a Defence force member and meet the PEAP Eligibility Guidelines (click on link it will take you to them); once you have assessed if you are eligible it is simply a matter of contacting me (on 1300 300 557 or to discuss your individual needs; I will then prepare a detailed PEAPS Quotation in accordance with Defence requirements and forward this to you for submission to the Defence.

There are two options for payment: –

  • Pays me directly and the submit a reimbursement to Defence;


  • Wait until Defence processes and approves your application and they can pay me directly (so you are not out of pocket in anyway).

Once the Defence has approved the nominated services you will have 6 months to undertake the nominated services.

What Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services can I access?

Through this program you can access a range of Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services including:-

  • Development of a personalised resume and/or resume coaching
  • Identification of transferable skills
  • Employment options and job placement advice
  • Job search techniques and strategies
  • Development of online employment profile (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Application and preparation of selection criteria
  • Preparation and presentation for interview; and
  • Other professional employment services (to be discussed prior to applying through the department)

to find out more about the program and services you can access through the PEAP program view the current PEAP Application documentation through our website.

But what the about the Corona Virus – Do I have to physically come to see you?

NO, whilst many clients love to come to my office for a face to face chat; it is possible to work with you from anywhere in Australia or around the world for that matter via telephone or Zoom – see there are lots of options available – so lets work together and see which is the best one for you.

Hmmm maybe I should wait until this is all over until I access the Career Counselling and Employment Assistant Services

That is your call at the end of the day, I believe in free will, but let’s for one moment look at this from a different perspective.

Why now: –

That is an easy question to answer: –

  • It is a free service to you – it will not cost you a thing if you put the application in and wait for the Defence to pay me directly; they will stay in contact with you and tell you if it is approved and paid – just as I will
  • You are more likely to have a little bit of extra time now to focus on you – if you are in isolation for two weeks or if we all go into lockdown for a period of time you will have the time to speak to me and work through the process if you have the approval already
  • There is no physical face to face contact – you and your loved ones are perfectly safe – although Skype and Zoom over the ability to see each other face to face via web camera if you have this available to you
  • Act now while there are plenty of Defence employees to review and authorize the PEAP quotation (normally up to 30 days), is the virus takes the authorization process could be longer and or if the virus spreads it is possible divisions or areas maybe shut down– it is possible
  • Get in while you can – whilst the government is handing out stimulus packages at the moment there are no guarantees that when things settle down that programs like this maybe stopped in order to recover from the economic impact; if you wait you may miss out
  • Stay ahead of the pack; find out what your strengths and development areas are utilise this knowledge to develop a career and/or academic plan to move forward while others are waiting for this to be over; then grab the opportunities when they become available – during or after the pandemic.

Looking for more information – check out our Defence Career Counselling and Employment Assistant Services page;


Read a few recent testimonials from spouses/partners of Defence personnel; as you can see from the testimonial below many Defence clients are very happy with their PEAP Program outcomes.

Resume Writing Services PEAP Program

In closing, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family safety, health and wellbeing during this difficult time.


Katherine is the Founder of Blu Ripples a specialist Career Counselling and Consulting practice located in Port Stephens NSW. Katherine is a nationally registered Career Development Specialist and Counsellor; is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, Member of the Australian Counselling Association of Australia and Australian Association for Psychological Type.