Labour Market Analysis

Labour Market Analysis - Blu Ripples
Blu Ripples Labour Market Analysis Services – Helping you identify employment opportunities, increase your job search efficiency and confidently negotiate your employment contract terms based on available Australian Labour Market data


Helping you understand and apply labour market data to your career exploration and job search process

Blu Ripples Labour Market Analysis Services will help you understand and apply the fundamentals of the Australian Labour Market in the career exploration and/or job search process in order to effectively: –

  • Develop a solid employment baseline from which career decisions and action steps can be created
  • Identify, capture and compare employment opportunities based on facts and geographical data
  • Promote your unique selling point to employers and/or recruiters; and
  • Confidently negotiate remuneration (pay) structures, terms and conditions of employment

Our Labour Market Analysis Services can be engaged either through our 1-on-1 Career Counselling Session(s) or as part of our Career Development Report.


Blu Ripples Labour Market Analysis Services will help you establish realistic employment baselines, action plans and goals, based on current available employment data; as well as providing you with guidance in a number of ways including helping you determine if you are: –

  • Positioned in the right geographical location to maximise your employment opportunities
  • Overselling or underselling yourself in terms of remuneration (pay), skills, qualifications and experiences
  • Seeking employment in a sector that is in national demand, growth or decline
  • Ideally placed to move upwards or sideways in your career based on your circumstances and labour trends
  • Best to stay in your current position, invest in your education or seek new career pathways


Our Labour Market Analysis will help you determine if a career pathway you identified has merit and meets your individual requirements.

For example, let’s assume, that you are considering a career in Graphic Design (GD) and want to find out some facts about the job and industry for example

  • How much am I likely to get paid?
  • Where are the employment opportunities? (Job Sectors)
  • Which Australian state(s) employ the highest percentage of GD’s
  • Is the occupation and/or industry in growth or decline? Why is this important to know?
  • Is GD on the national skills shortage list and if so what does this mean for you in terms of career prospects?

As a result of obtaining and reviewing reliable labour market informaton you now have the tools and resources to begin to determine if you are: –

  • Adequately positioned to capture opportunities 
  • Agreeable relocating to another state or region to capture employment opportunities
  • Happy with the starting salary – will it meet your expectations and needs?
  • A strong applicant compared to your competitors
  • Willing to pursue tertiary study as it will provide you with a return on investment

Consquently, you are empowered to build a realistic picture from which you can either create a: –

  • Career Development Plan to achieve your short and long term goals; or
  • The confidence and skills to review the current labour market and identify career pathway alternatives

Remember, you are in control of all your career decisions including which career pathway is right for you; however, our Labour Market Analysis Services will provide you with relevant and meaningful information and skills to assist in your career decision making process.

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