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Helping you identify the skills that make you valuable to employers

Blu Ripples Key Transferable Skills Report  (KTS) will provide you with a concise yet detailed overview of your portable employment skills in order to help you: –

  • Objectively determine suitability of advertised positions based on your skills set
  • Tailor compelling employment documentation e.g. Resumes, Cover Letters and Profiles
  • Pinpoint employment opportunities and development needs with respect to your ideal position or career pathway
  • Effectively promote your skills to employment decision makers at interviews based on their criteria
  • Analyse opportunities in terms of criterion, remuneration (pay) and benefit structures
  • Open your eyes up to existing skills that you may not have been consciously aware of
  • Create, implement and monitor meaningful career development plans

Why is understanding my transferable skills so important?

In this ever-changing global workforce where a job for life is now as rare as hen’s teeth, where the norm is that the “average 15 year old will hold 17 jobs and 5 different careers in their lifetime” (SMH, 28 Jul 2017); thus, from our perspective it is highly important for you, to fundamentally understand who you are what you have to offer to employers. In other words, what valuable skills do you bring to the table that not only make you competent for the role but also make you stand out from the pack.

Simply put, understanding and applying your transferable skills is a fundamental necessity in an ever increasing world of portfolio careers.

Key Transferable Skills Report Process

The KTS Report process involves three (3) stages:-

Stage 1.  Intake Session (Face to Face, via telephone or online)

Stage 2. Analysis of your nominated positions by Blu Ripples

Stage 3. Presentation of Report

Please be advised that our KTS Report does not indicate aptitude or competency; rather the identified transferable skills simply reflect the foundation, core and/or specalised skills you have developed as a result undertaking your nominated position(s) to date.

In order to identify aptitude and/or competence, additional psychometric testing would need to be undertaken at a cost per instrument fee, in accordance with psychometric testing ethics.

Our Key Transferable Skills Report Clients

Blu Ripples KTS Report – Will help you identify and market your most valuable transferable skills in an ever increasing and highly competitive global labour market