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Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services – Inspiring, empowering and supporting you to identify, explore and achieve your career goals


Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services is an organic one-on-one process that establishes and works with the individual needs and circumstances of the client; that is, we recognise the peaks and troughs clients experience as they move through their career life-cycle and tailor our career counselling services to meet their specific requirements.

We provide all clients with a safe and supportive environment to: –

  • Gather and discuss their thoughts, feeling and emotions
  • Decompress career confusion, anxiety and tribulations
  • Work through any unresolved personal or professional issues that are impacting your career
  • Review the past and present to assist in the identification and attainment of your future goals
  • Identify and explore career options and academic pathways

Working closely with you, over one or more Career Counselling sessions, we will listen, openly discuss your career challenges or concerns and utilise our specialist Career Education and Development, Counselling and Human Resource qualifications, experiences and research skills to inspire and empower you to make positive transformational career changes in accordance with your individual circumstances, career objective and time-frame.


Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services can help you or a loved one throughout the course of your career life-cycle; from the initial tentative stages of career planning and exploration as a high school student, graduate or young professional, to mid-life career transition and planning retirement exit strategies.

Specifically, we can help you: –

  • Address personal and professional triggers that effect your performance, ambition or growth
  • Analyse and understand why you are not receiving positive responses from your Resume/CV
  • Communicate and inter-relate more effectively with colleagues, managers and/or suppliers
  • Confront and address career obstacles or considerations e.g. criminal convictions, medical and mental health conditions
  • Develop effective job search strategies and increase your job search success
  • Discover new career pathways during periods of transition
  • Establish career baselines, goals and action plans to achieve your career objective
  • Explore academic pathways based on your learning style preferences
  • Find answers to why a career related situation and what you could do different next time
  • Identify career options based on your career interests, aptitude and personality type
  • Learn, understand and apply labour market statistics to your job search process to increase your job search success rate, negotiation skills and confidence
  • Manage the emotional ups and downs of your career over the course of your career lifespan
  • Process the impacts of workplace harassment and bullying
  • Promote your skills, experience, strengths and transferable skills without sounding conceited
  • Reduce grief and/or trauma association with termination of employment or redundancy
  • Tackle career stagnation and break through the proverbial career brick wall or glass ceiling
  • Understand your behaviours under stress and implement positive coping strategies

and so much more….


Our Founder and professional Career Education and Development Specialist (Career Counsellor), Katherine Foster.

As a result of in excess of 17 years in private practice (commencing in 2003), coupled with her Career Education and Development, Counselling and Human Resource qualifications, skills and experience Katherine is ideally placed to help you identify, explore and clarify your career options, pathways and challenges.

Katherine is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and a Member of the Australian Counselling Association and Australian Association for Psychological Type.


Career Counselling - Blu Ripples Fern Bay

Blu Ripples has provided professional Career Counselling Services to high school students, youth, graduates, mums and dads, adults, professionals returning to work after a period of leave, expatriates, trades professionals, transitioning Defence personnel and their partners, ex-Defence personnel, Defence contractors, supervisors, team leaders and management.

In accordance with Australian legislation, our founder Katherine Foster possess two key national clearances – a Working with Children Clearance valid until 2025 and a Criminal History Check.

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Blu Ripples Career Counselling helping you to identify and capture new career adventures