Career Counselling and Career Consulting Services Testimonials

Career Counselling and Consulting Services Testimonials
Testimonials – 8 key words clients frequently use in their testimonials include Happier, Confident, Supported, Appreciative, Comfortable, Relaxed, Engaged and Positive. Blu Ripples can help you make positive transformational changes to your life too, call us today!


Blu Ripples Career Counselling and Consulting Services has a rich history of helping individuls from all walks of life identify, explore and achieve their career goals by providing provides a safe, caring and supportive environment for clients to express their inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions with respect to career challenges.

As a result our previous clients, have stated they feel empowered, engaged, liberated, motivated and grateful that they undertook a journey of personal and/or professional growth with Blu Ripples.

Blu Ripples Clients


Previous Career Counselling and Career Consulting clients have reported feeling empowered, valued, confident, supported, encouraged, focused and open to new opportunities as a result of their Career Counselling and Career Consulting experiences with Blu Ripples.

Expanding on the above feelings numerous career counselling, career consulting and career development clients stated that the help they received was: –

  • Invaluable, insightful and supportive
  • Professional, highly accurate
  • Exceeded my precise and extremely high expectations
  • A source of hope
  • Instrumental in providing the confidence to peruse my dreams
  • Liberating it opened my eyes up to new opportunities and pathways
  • Opened my heart and soul, enabled me to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to find clarity and direction

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