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Sharing insights, knowledge and experience to empower you to achieve your job search objectives

Blu Ripples Career Consulting Services recognises the natural movement and evolution of a clients’ career including the general angst that can accompany periods of professional transition; it is during these times that it is wise to seek the professional  guidance of a qualified Career Consultant whom can help you prepare objective employment documentation.

Katherine has helped clients prepare employment document since 2003…. she can help you too!


Working closely with you, on a one-on-one basis, we will listen, identify and discuss your individual job search challenges or concerns and utilise our formidable experiential toolkit to strategize, harness and market the power of you to prospective employers and recruiters through the tailored conceptualisation, development and implementation of a clear, concise, objective, strength and achievement based: –

To achieve the above objective, we will schedule a one-on-one Career Consulting or Assessment session with you in which we will listen to you and ask meaningful questions regarding your key: –

  • Career Objective(s)
  • Self-Perceptions
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Achievements
  • Work History and Experiences
  • Qualification and Professional Development
  • Projects and/or Secondments
  • Professional Affiliations; and
  • Other relevant career information

For the purposes of collating the varied pieces of your career together to enable us to develop an in-depth big picture concept of you from which effective career strategies and documentation will be created and implemented to help you achieve your job search objectives.


Our Founder and professional Career Consultant, Katherine Foster; whom has authentically and systematically assisted clients in the creation of logical, systematic and factual employment documentation since 2003.

Katherine is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and a Member of the Australian Counselling Association and will draw on her professional experiences, qualifications and accreditations to make you shine, boost your professional confidence and potentially engage prospective employers.


As Katherine always states to her clients “if you are the type of individual to remember your employment and academic history in detail for example position titles, commencement and completion dates, then nothing just bring yourself”; if on the other hand “you struggle to recall information it it best to bring as much information as possible for you to refer to – better to have everything with you that you need and not use it than to not have the required information and need it”.

Information to bring with you may include: –

  • Copy of your most recent CV-Resume
  • Academic transcripts and qualifications
  • Current and/or previous job descriptions
  • Notes on workplace projects and achievements
  • Written references
  • Samples of job ads that you are interested in
  • Referee contact details

and any other documentation that you feel maybe useful to the process.

Please remember, that not everyone has an existing CV-Resume, and that is OK it is not essential to our process; as Katherine will ask you a range of questions and walk you through the process.

In stating the above, you may want to jot down your employment details e.g. position titles, company, commencement and completion date to help recall information at the point of consultation.


Career Consulting Services Rathmines Lake Macquarie NSW

Blu Ripples has provided professional Career Consulting Services to:-

  • Adults
  • Defence personnel and their partners
  • Ex Defence personnel
  • Expatriates
  • High school students, youth and graduates
  • Middle and executive management
  • Mums and dads
  • Professional sport representatives
  • Professionals returning to work after a period of leave
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Trades professionals

In accordance with Australian legislation, Katherine Foster possess national clearances including a Working with Children Clearance valid until 2025 and a Criminal History Check.

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