Career Consulting Services Client Testimonials

Career Consulting Services Client Testimonials

Blu Ripples Career Consulting Services Client Testimonials – Our clients report feeling increased positive self efficacy (one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in a specific situation or to accomplish a task) through Blu Ripples ability to display authenticty, insightful and helpful persona, a willingness to share knowledge and experience, the ability to encourage clients, ask relevant and meaningful questions to provide a detailed, down to earth and systematic approach.


  • Resume Writing Services Waratah NSW            

    Resume Writing Services - Newcastle Region

    There are plenty of people out there who offer Resume Writing Services. However, I haven't come across anyone like Katherine. From the first time I spoke with Katherine, her knowledge and experience as a HR professional and Careers Counselor became immediately apparent. Most Resume Services are what I call 'wham bam, thank you mam' types. You pay your money, get a resume, job done. Except it isn't. Just as I have invested my time and money into accessing Katherine's expertise, so she has invested her time into helping me. Katherine invested time in getting to know ME, and then used this to help shape our approach to me re-entering the workforce, including a very much customised Resume. I would never have been able to produce a resume of that quality, nor come up with the strategies for re-entering the workforce. Do yourself a favour, invest your hard earned cash into more than just a Resume. You'll thank me!" Resume Writing Services Client; Waratah, Newcstle Region NSW NB.  In addition to assisting this client prepare a professional Resume; we also provided created 2 professional cover letters and updating his existing LinkedIn profile. Please click here for more information about our Career Consulting Services and/or Resume Writing Services
  • Resume Writing Services Georgetown        


    Katherine, as soon as I spoke to you on the telephone, about my Resume, I felt we connected; which was confirmed when I walked into your office and knew you were the right person for me. I found you to be professional; you listened to me...I don't think I have ever spoken about myself and career so much... you get it
  • Resume Writing Services Waratah NSW            

    Resume Writing Services - Waratah NSW Client

    I came to see you to update my Trucking Resume to a Work Health and Safety Resume. Katherine, I could never have done anything like this, it is so different to my old Resume it has so many new parts to it including:-
    • Profile
    • Key Transferable Skillls
    • Key Projects; and
    • Acheivements
    Thank you
  • Resume Writing Services Chisholm


    Being made redundant is a daunting process, After working for the past 8 years with one organisation I felt unprepared and unsure of what was next for my future career path.
    It was through a recommendation that I found Katherine at  Blu Ripples and arranged a time to meet in the hope that she may be able to assist me with moving forward.
    After an initial appointment where we, simply had a yarn and mapped out past experiences, present skills and my professional achievements, Katherine took the reins and created something wonderful.
    Katherine two days later presented me with a brilliant updated resume that I could never have even dreamed of. Although they were all of my achievements and my experiences Katherine had presented them in a way that I would never have thought to do.
    I now feel far more confident to move forward with the next step of my professional journey and would highly recommend her work.
    Thank you Katherine.
    Resume Writing Services for Team Leader - Community Services - Chisholm, Maitland Region NSW
  • Career Counselling and Consulting Services - PEAP Program          


    Katherine, I came to see you through the Defence Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services Program (PEAP) after relocating from Sydney to Newcastle with my husband whom is in the Defence. When I came to see you I felt nervous because I had worked in Education for over 20 years and had not had an interview for all of that time and I was tossing up whether or not I would pursue Education up here or try another industry utilising my skills and experience. At first we devoloped my Resume and Cover Letter to capture Education opportunities and then the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and everything changed; we rejigged the documents and shortly thereafter I was successful in gaining an interview in the Aged Care industry. I was told by the interviewer that there were 200 applicants, 7 to 9 were interviewed and that I was the successful applicant - always was from the first point of when they saw my application. Because I came to see you through the PEAP program, I feel more confident with the prospect of securing interviews and applying for positions. Thank you.  
  • Blu Ripples Career Counselling and Consulting Services            


    Hi Kate, I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into assisting me.... I have found you extremely professional and a fantastic mindset and personality to do the work you do. Thankyou for your help. Client Background. The above client, sought our services because they were seeking career advice with respect to starting their small business in Remedial Massage after completing their qualifications. We tailored our career consulting services, drawing on our qualifications and experiences to tailor a career consulting program, to meet this clients individual needs. As a result, the client was happy with their service outcomes.  
  • Career Counselling Services - PEAP Program - Defence Force Australia            


    Today, I received a lovely text message from a young mum of 3 and partner of a Defence Force Member whom sought Career Counselling Services through the Defence Force PEAP Program. Over a three month period (with some time in between session due to giving birth), this new mum, and I: - Identified her Key Transferable Skills, Explored Employment Options and Pathways, Identified personality type, career interests and options with MBTI and JVIS,and Discussed Job Search Strategies and Techniques with her permission, I have the pleasure of sharing part of this text... I think all our sesisons paid off. I'm feeling very good and I've decided to pursue floristy for now as a side business...... I've gotten very clear on whom I am from our (Career Counselling) sessions, lots sat with me and lots made sense... I am spontaneous and creative and I think I had a hard time accepting that before. I have finally let go of my old business and I'm playing with flowers for now until I am ready to move forward (with study in the future); the kids really are a full time job as it is. I really am thankful for your sessions (followed by prayer, smiley face and hearts emjoi's). Thanks Katherine!!! You are amazing. Career Counselling Defence Force PEAP Program Client; Medowie Port Stephens NSW  
  • Resume Writer Tighes Hill - Newcastle



    Katherine, I came to you after having a talk with my boss who stated that because of the Covid-19 Virus pandemic my hours at work are likely to be reduced. I saw you online and telephoned you as I wanted to update my Resume so I can look for alternate employment options. The Resume you created for me reads so well!!! It flows. Thank you Resume Writing Services Tighes Hill - Production Manager - Graphic Designer
  • Resume Writing Services Corlette - Port Stephens



    Katherine, I found you online and came to see you because my wife and I had moved up from Sydney last year with my business and things were a bit slow so I thought I would look at other employment options. When I read the Resume, I was impressed, I didn't realise I had so many (transferable) skills. The Resume you created for me is very well done, and I am happy with it. Thank you. Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services Corlette - Port Stephens Client; Small Business Owner
  • Resume Writing Services Field Services Supervisor



    The Resume you created for me is more indepth than I expected, it clearly outlines who I am and what I can do. Katherine, Thank you for getting this done so quickly for me. Resume Writing Services - Field Services Supervisor - Technician - Limburners Creek NSW
  • Resume Writing Services Anna Bay              


    My Resume and Cover Letter are very well written

    Katherine, my husband (who is in the Defence Force) and I recently moved to Port Stephens from Sydney and I was considering my employment options and needed a Resume when I called you. Upon learning that my husband was in the Defence you mentioned the PEAP Program and the Career Counselling and Employment Assistance Services I could access through this - I had no idea this existed before I spoke to you and neither did my husband. After speaking with you I contacted the Defence and telephoned back to request a PEAP Quotation and was subsequently approved. So far you have prepared my Resume and a general Cover Letter. The Resume and Cover Letter are really good.... In fact I asked my husband who works in Human Resources if this is really me and he said "Yes it is you, it is just very well written". Katherine, I could never have made myself sound so good on paper; thank you I will be in touch again soon for the rest of the PEAP Services. Resume Writing Services Anna Bay Client; PEAP Program
  • Resume for Freight Train Driver            


    The Resume is a Cracker

    Katherine, I contacted you to write my Resume after resigning from my current employer. The Resume you created for me is a Cracker, Bloody Beauty! I loved how you kept some of the train terminology in the Resume; and balanced the Resume so that a Recruitment Consultant or HR Manager without any rail experience can interpret my transferable skills and experiences. By the way, I showed my wife (an Investigator in a Government department) and her boss and they were impressed with the Resume too; so at the end of the day I wanted to say thank you for everything. Resume Writing Services Ambermain NSW Client; Freight Train Driver


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