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Career Counselling: – The Impact Of School And It’s Environment On Your Career

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Blu Ripples provides Career Guidance and Advice to High School Students






As many regular readers may recall late last year (2011) I, Katherine Foster (t/as Blu Ripples) was honoured to provide Career Guidance and Advice to members of Year 8 at Ravenswood School for Girls.

An interesting question that was raised was: –

Do you think that a school and it’s environment can influence your career?

Detailed below is my response:- Read More

Career Counselling:- Ravenswood School for Girls

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Blu Ripples® was recently honoured to provide Career Guidance and Advice to members of Year 8 at Ravenswood School for Girls.

Armed with a series of in-depth questions including (but not limited to) educational and environmental influences, perspectives on HSC, subject and university selection; these young ladies demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and a maturity beyond their years.

Blu Ripples® wishes these young ladies the very best for their future; indeed one perceives that it will be very bright indeed.


Workplace Counselling:- Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

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Donald Duck Temper

Are you experiencing verbal abuse in the workplace?


I am sure many readers have heard of Donald Duck the famous Disney character; Donald can be such a loveable character one minute and then in a split second he can lose his temper, go bright red in the face and start quacking like there is no tomorrow with little regard for the consequences and/or the character he just quacked down.

Have you experienced or are you currently experience such a character in your workplace?  Speaking from personal experience I can confirm that I have experienced such a character more than once in my professional background.

So how do you cope with such a character?  There are many different strategies you can use but basically from ones perspective it boils down to three key questions: –

Why do you want to keep this job?

Why do you believe you are not worthy of a better working environment?

Where are you emotionally ?

From ones personal experience I can tell you that for me it was all about saving a deposit for my first home, having a good employment history to demonstrate to the banks that we were worthy customers and thirdly if I was to leave this employer who would hire me given that they (my employers) would surely not give me a good reference because somehow their bad behaviour had to be as a result of something I did (not true – but it was my cognitions [thoughts] at the time, I was in my early and mid 20’s at the time).

Maybe my scenario rings true for your or maybe you perceive your situation is different; it does not matter, at the end of the day it comes down to these three (3) questions and how long it will take for you to realise you deserve and are entitled to so much better than this.

In closing, if you are experiencing verbal abuse in the workplace have the courage to seek emotional support from a trusted friend and/or counsellor;  a strong support network is essential in these types of situations.


Australian Counselling Association Membership – Katherine Foster of Blu Ripples

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ACA Member Logo

Blu Ripples hereby formally confirms that Katherine Foster is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), the peak national body for Counsellors in Australia.

For further information pertaining Katherine’s qualifications and professional affiliations please visit Katherine’s LinkedIn page and or her professional portfolio outlined in “About Us” on



Career and Workplace Counselling: What is Burnout?

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What is Burnout?

What is Burnout? Is your career or workplace impacting your health?

Burnout is often defined as the physical, emotional and/or psychological exhaustion, the loss of interest or motivation in ones life due to excessive demands, self imposed or imposed by others, on ones time.

Herbert Fredenberger, a German born American Psychologist, penned the term burnout in the 1970’s.  In Fact Fredenberger and his colleague North (Gail) theorised the process breaking it down into 12 phases:- Read More

Career and Workplace Counselling: – Recovering from and/or Preventing Burnout

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What is Burnout?

What is Burnout? How can we prevent burnout occurring in the first place?


In our previous blog “What is Burnout“? we defined the term Burnout and identified the 12 phases of burnout as coined by Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North in the 1970’s.

Today, one wishes to address the readers concern, that is if we are feeling the effect of burnout what exactly can we do to recover from it or better yet prevent it from occuring in the first place?

Great question here are 8 key strategies to consider: – Read More

Career and Workplace Counselling – Grief and Loss: – That job should have been mine!

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Workplace Counselling - Grief and Loss

Are you feeling deflated and upset after missing out on that job? Use those feelings as motivation to push forward with confidence and meaning.

How many times have you uttered these words?

Was it when you Read More

Career Counselling: – IF ONLY I…… STOP the Regrets and start pursuing your dreams

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Dream Big








If you could be or do anything in this life what would you do or be.  As children we have so many dreams about what we will do, be and become when we grow up but somewhere between childhood and adulthood our dreams become squashed, buried deep, hidden away or totally pulled apart and reworked because they do not fit our loved ones or societies view of who we should be.

So my question to you is “What dreams have you buried or given up on that would bring you fulfillment, happiness and joy”? Do not place any limitations on yourself such as if I only had a million dollars in the bank and did not have to worry about bills, the mortgage, school fees etc I would be or do xxxxxxxx.

Find a way of incorporating your dreams into your life it maybe that you start small for example you may have always wanted to start your own small business; start doing some research, enrol in a small business course, talk to people who work in the industry and have already set up their own small businesses.

By focusing on what you want (big picture) and taking positive small steps to incorporate aspects of the big picture into your life you will eventually see the realisation of your dreams.

Find the peace, contentment, fulfilment, happiness and joy that you have been searching for.  It is YOUR LIFE after all – You deserve to be HAPPY, content and fulfilled.  So take a risk, follow your dreams and be the best person you can be.  Life is too short for mediocrity.