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Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIT) Seminar

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Blu Ripples is proud to announce that Katherine recently undertook and completed the renowned Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIT) program through Living Works as part of her commitment to her ongoing continual professional development (CPD).

Covering such areas as attitudes to suicide, types of prevention, addressing the concerns of persons at risk, exploring invitations to help, developing a safe plan and reviewing resources; Katherine believes this would be a worthwhile course for all health professionals and members of the general public to undertake.

Suicide claims too many lives each year; as a community – let’s do something about it.

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Writing a Clear and Concise CV-Resume (Part 2) – Blu Ripples Career Consulting Services

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Promote and elevate yourself on a professional platform with a Resume - Curriculum Vitae (CV) by Blu Ripples

Promote and elevate yourself on a professional platform with a Resume – Curriculum Vitae (CV) by Blu Ripples

















Writing a clear and concise CV-Résumé is easy if you take the time to do your research, remain objective and highlight what you can do for your potential employer based on their needs not yours.

To ensure you achieve the above stated outcome it is imperative that you know your subject “YOU” very well.  Spend a little time analysing your academic, professional and personal background.  What skills, acumen (knowledge) and personality traits do you currently possess that would be beneficial for your potential employer? Now look at the flip side of the coin to analyse which skills you need to develop or refine.

The purpose of the above stated research and analysis is to determine congruence between yourself and the current labour market.

It should go without saying that the labour market is a highly competitive environment and as such when compiling your CV-Résumé you need to keep in mind that Managers, HR Professionals and Recruitment Consultants are predominantly highly conservative individuals who are impressed with the content of the of the document not the “Bells and Whistles”.

NB:  “ Bells and Whistles” refers to clip art, photographs, multiple fonts, colours, borders etc.

Speaking from experience the more Bells and Whistles one finds on a  CV-Résumé the more one is likely to focus on what the applicant is hiding or not saying rather than what the applicant can do; as previously highlighted the whole point of a CV-Résumé is to highlight what you can do for your potential employer not draw their attention to what you are lacking in experience and/or education.

5 Tips for compiling a Clear and Concise CV-Résumé

  • Optimal Page Length – 3 pages ideally, but no more than 5 pages
  • Do not include discriminatory information for example your date of birth or marital status
  • Do not include the Bells and Whistles; when formatting  your CV-Résumé remember the  4 C’s: – Clean, Clear, Concise and Consistent
  • Highlight your academic qualifications, key skills and competencies, professional affiliations, operational responsibilities, key achievements and projects, academic publications and if appropriate relevant voluntary work; and finally
  • Always clarify your statements in the responsibilities and achievement sections


Stay Tuned for Part 3 – Creativity in the recruitment phase; Is there a place for it?

Career Counselling: What path should I take?

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Career pathways



















There is an old saying that states “that what we think we want to do (an usually study for) when we leave school is not necessarily what we will end up doing when we are 25, 35, 55 or beyond for that matter”.

Careers Counselling is about helping you identify and explore what YOU want to do with your professional life not what others perceive you SHOULD do.

Why is this so important?  Well in my opinion there are two (2) good reasons: –

1. Your career helps you achieve your dreams; and
2. 30-40 years is a long death sentence if you are stuck in a job or profession you hate – it literally sucks the life out of you instead of providing inspiration and motivation.

Let Blu Ripples help you find your path; contact us today.


Career & Workplace Counselling – What is the difference?

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career workplace counselling

Career and Workplace Counselling – Explaining the differences

In order to effectively differentiate Career and Workplace Counselling Blu Ripples has chosen to utilise the “Umbrella” analogue.  That is whilst the two (2) areas may fall under the one umbrella they are indeed two (2) very different fields much like Human Resources and Recruitment.

In a nutshell, Blu Ripples perceives that Careers Counselling is about identifying, discovering, exploring and planning your career options.  It is fundamentally the research, analysis and development of career ideas, concepts and strategies before you enter the workforce, seek promotion, change fields or retire from work.

Workplace Counselling is similar to Human Resource Management in that you are responding to the needs of the organisation or individual already in the organisation.  That is Workplace Counselling has elements of research, analysis, development and planning but the key focus is on strategising how to change, manage or cope with current, immediate or impending issues either experienced by the organisation or an individual already in the organisation.

For more information on our Career Counselling and Workplace Counselling services please click on our “Professional Counselling” link.

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Career Counselling: Career Identification & Exploration- Help for Parents with Teenagers

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Blu Ripples – We help parents discuss and explore career options and career pathways with their teenagers

Blu Ripples Founder, Katherine Foster, 2010

On contemplation of this article ones mind wonders back to a conversation one had with a local elderly resident a couple of years ago.

The resident stated to the author that

to make a child successful in their professional and personal life that the parents “needed to teach their child all manner of things” from “feeling the grass between their toes to experiencing travel and all life has to offer”.

Port Stephens elderly resident’s conversation with Katherine Foster – Blu Ripples Founder
Read More

Career and Workplace Counselling: Coping with the Grief and Loss associated with Employment Termination, Separation and Redundancy

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Career Counselling - Coping with the grief and loss associated with Employment Termination, separation and redundancy

How we lose a job is not really as important as how we cope with the loss.

Katherine Foster, Blu Ripples Founder, 18 Sept 2010


A long time ago, probably close to 16 years ago, a wise individual shared with me an eloquent acronym for grief and loss associated with loss in general however one perceives it to be pertinent in this situation. Read More

Workplace Counselling: – Grief and Loss – Death in the Workplace

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Blu Ripples Counselling - supporting colleagues and employers after after a death in the workplace

Blu Ripples Workplace Counselling – supporting colleagues and employers after after a death in the workplace

A recent workplace fatality statistics report undertaken by Safety Solutions reported that the Australia-New Zealand (Combined fatality rate was 5.54 deaths per day or 202.57 deaths per month as at 30 September 2009.

Whilst this article is not about workplace safety, the poignant notation is that deaths do regularly occur at work and as such if this event dose affect your place of employment how do we cope with the situation and move on.

In a nutshell, how you react to the situation will depend in part on your life stage, previous experience with grief and loss; your perception of the event/s, your position, how closely you worked with the individual and what your relationship was like with the individual.

So if a death occurs in the workplace or if a colleague dies outside of work it will have a profound affect on your working environment.  Some may cry, others may pretend like nothing happened, perhaps colleagues or individuals are putting on a brave face.  Whatever the situation you need to be easy on yourself and your colleagues – particularly initially.

So what can you do to help yourself and/or a colleague in this situation; great question here are 8 tips:-

  • Reduce your workload if possible (particularly initially); take time off if need be
  • Take care of yourself; watch what you eat (small nutritious meals are best), get some exercise and do not overextend yourself at work
  • Ask for help or if you are a manager or supervisor organise a temp to help with the additional workload for the time been
  • Be compassionate; listen to the bereaved, do not correct their thinking or feelings regarding the situation (this will only add stress to their bereavement process)
  • Make a to do list with simple and clear instructions to relief additional stress and/or confusion
  • Organise counselling for your colleagues and/or yourself
  • Expect the unexpected – usually when people are under a great deal of emotional stress they will act differently than what they would normally for example a highly analytical and matter of fact person may become quiet emotional; an extrovert may withdraw from the group whereas an introvert may become more vocal and outgoing
  • Ask the affected person/s “is there anything I can do for you”?  If the answer is YES (within reason) help that person with the task.  If they say NO – know that this is OK, but say to them if you change your mind let me know – I am here for you if you want to talk about anything (mean it or don’t say it).  Then leave them alone to get on with it – give them space;  this maybe their preferred coping strategy, but touch base at the end of the week or fortnight at which point it would be wise to offer additional support e.g. counselling if required.

In closing, remember Blu Ripples is here to help you or your colleagues; if you would like to organise a private or group workplace counselling session(s) with us please contact us on 1300 300 557 between 8am and 7pm Mon-Fri.

Blu Ripples – “Helping you through life’s ripples”®

Workplace Counselling: What is “Work Life Balance”?

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work life balance

Blu Ripples – Helping you explore work life balance











In a nutshell, it is ensuring that we give equal time to our personal and professional lives to ensure that there is a balance between both, which in turn plays a part in reducing our stress and discontentment in life.

OK, let’s look at your life for a few minutes do you know where you spend most of your time – is it at work, at home, looking after the kids, volunteering your time for a good cause or any number of other activities.  How is this impacting on the rest of your life?  Are you happy, stressed, bored etc?  Are you been true to yourself, your wants, needs and desires?

If you are spending more time on one particular activity or area your life is said to be “out of balance”. So, how do you change this?

Stay Tuned:    Part 2 – Balancing Work and Life

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