Career Counselling and Development – Co-Design Workshop – Sydney, Nov 2019

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Career Counselling- Co-Design Workshop - Sydney 2019

Co-Design National Skills Commission Workshop – Sydney 2019

As many of you may recall in the Federal Budget this year (2019) the government announced that it will be launching a National Skills Commission as part of a federally funded skills package.

As a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) I was extended an invitation to participate in the Sydney Co-Design workshop for the Commission and Skills package.

Over a two day period industry professional shared their perceptions and experiences with the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business with regards to our expectations and the objectives of the National Career Institute, National Skills Commission and Skills Organisation through a variety of brainstorming activities.

In addition to the above, we also gained insight into key vocational employment growth sectors over next 5 years, with Aged and Disability Carers, Child Care and Waiters leading the way at 69.2%, 27.6% and 21.8% projected growth rates over the next 5 years; with the other top 7 ranging from 10.5% to 18.8% growth. This knowledge will be invaluable facilitating clients in exploring Vocational Education Pathways over the short to medium term.

The Co-Design workshop also provided a golden opportunity for me, as a qualified Career Development Specialist whom lives and works in a regional area, to share information in relation to the specific challenges and needs not only for industry but regional community areas and members.

Indeed it will be interesting in due course to hear the findings and recommendations from the national workshops and how we as participating professionals and individuals contributed to the shaping and molding of the National Careers Institute, National Skills Commission and Skills Organisation.

Blu Ripples is proud to not only provide career guidance, insight and perspective to our clients but also to industry and government initiatives; an aspect one seeks to continuously apply moving forward.


Katherine is the Founder of Blu Ripples a specialist Career Counselling and Consulting practice located in Port Stephens NSW. Katherine is a nationally registered Career Development Specialist and Counsellor; is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, Member of the Australian Counselling Association of Australia and Australian Association for Psychological Type. Katherine has worked in private practice since 2003 and prior to that worked in the corporate sector for a period of 12 years predominantly in Human Resources and Administration.

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