Career Counselling and Development – The Role of Counselling in Career Counselling and Development

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roller coaster merry go round

Career Counselling helps you identify and navigate your career whether you choose the roller-coaster or the merry-go-round.

Life is a strange and miraculous adventure filled with many ups and downs, twists and turns along the way.  It is rarely a straight and smooth path.

Or as the grandmother character in the movie Parenthood stated: –

When I was 19, Grandpa took me on a roller-coaster

                Up, down, up, down.  Oh what a ride!

                I always wanted to go again.

                It was just so interesting to me

                That a ride could make me

                So scared, frightened, sick, excited and thrilled altogether.

                Some didn’t like it and went on the merry-go round instead.

                That just goes around.  Nothing

                I like the roller-coaster better.

                You get more out of it.

Regardless of our life stage, whether we choose the roller-coaster or the merry go round.  Our life experiences, perceptions, values, morals, familial and social programming are imprinted into our mind, body and souls and fundamentally shape who we are, how we interact with ourselves, others and the world in general; how we see ourselves, our desire to seek adventure, to take risks or to take the conservative approach in terms of our growth and evolution or in some cases causing us to stay stuck struggling to see the way forward.

Planning, developing and managing a career is one aspect of our life that has a major impact on how we will live our life now and into the future.

Thus, from ones perspective the role of counselling is a quintessential element in the career counselling and development process as it affords the client and practitioner to identify, address, challenge and resolve any issues that may be consciously or subconsciously impacting the clients career or growth; it affords the practitioner the opportunity to explore the clients past to facilitate in the creation of their future through the establishment of baselines and strategies to ensure the client moves forward with confidence, meaning, clarity and focus.

In short counselling is a facilitation tool for personal and professional growth, development and evolution that addresses the needs of the client and helps in the identification and execution of both the big picture and small steps to achieve the clients career goals.




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