Online Appointments for Career and Workplace Counselling and Consulting Services

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Blu Ripples Online Appointment – Booking Form – Convenient, Fast and Reliable for the busy professional, parent or individual.


Blu Ripples is proud to announce the launch of our new online appointments – booking form.

Convenient, Fast and Reliable our online appointment – booking form is available when you are (day or night). Simply click on to our Home Page and then click on the Make an Appointment Button to the right hand side of the home page just above client testimonials; fill in your details and Blu Ripples will get back to you within 1 business day to confirm availability or to offer an alternative appointment time, should the clients first option be unavailable.

Alternatively current and perspective clients are welcome (as always) to contact Katherine directly on 1300 300 557 and schedule a counselling, career consulting or development appointment via telephone.

Find out more about our Skype, Career and Workplace Counselling, Consulting and Development Services now




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