What is a Career Counsellor?

Blu Ripples defines the role of a Career Counsellor as a “qualified and nationally accredited professional who helps individuals resolve Career (professional) related queries and challenges”.

Specifically, a Career Counsellor may assist individuals with (but not limited to): –

  • Constructing and implementing return to work strategies
  • Contemplating the pros and cons of changing careers
  • Creating professional online presence on sites such as LinkedIn
  • Determining and exploring career options, realistic career expectations and outcomes
  • Developing career development reports (plans)
  • Finding work life balance
  • Identifying and executing short, medium and long term career, job & training goals
  • Making career or job decision by acting as a sounding board
  • Preparing employment documentation including CV’s-resumes and selection criteria
  • Sourcing relevant career information and labour market statistics

For more information on the role of a Career Counsellor and/or Blu Ripples Career Counselling services please feel free to review our website, click on our Career Counselling page or contact Katherine directly on 1300 300 557.

Blu Ripples is only too happy to help you with your Career Counselling query.