Career Counselling: – Job Uncertainty in Australian Labour Market

Over the past 9 months there has been a barrage of major and iconic Australian companies and institutions hitting the wall and closing their doors as the effects of the Australian and Global economies are felt across the nation.

Last night alone, the local news reported that the NSW state government will strip $1.7 billion from the Education sector over the next four (4) years – that equates to $67 million pa.

Coupled with the closure of iconic brands such as Darrell Lea and King Island employees are losing their jobs in record numbers.  Job security and the economy is not what is was and the impact of this radical correction in our national and global economies will be felt for some time to come.

So as an individual what can you do? 

Great Question!

It is ones perception that clarity and focus are the keys to riding out the turbulent storms of an unpredictable labour market and economy.   Instead of focusing on what was, take stock and revise your skills base; take the opportunity to explore alternative career options; readjust your career direction.  After all, now is an ideal time to commence academic studies and forge ahead – for when the economy starts to turn – and it will in time – you will be ready to pounce on new opportunities.

Regardless of the state of the national and global economy now is not the time to sit back and twiddle your thumbs and take a woe is me approach – be proactive speak with a  Careers Counsellor and focus on what you want to achieve in your career.