Career Counselling: – Why is it taking so long to find a job?

One recently heard and read some interesting articles on the length of time it takes for various members of the Australian workforce to attain a new position.  The broadcasts and articles stated that for older workers, 45 years and over, it took on average 72 weeks to find a new job whereas a young person (generally under 25 years of age) will take up to 21 weeks and that 76% of new Bachelor Degree graduates will take up to 4 months to find a job upon completion of their qualifications; as outlined on Today Tonight, SMH and Graduate Careers Australia respectively.

So why does it take so long for individuals of any age to find a job?  Whilst there is no straightforward answer there are multiple components to this question; from ones perspective three (3) key components include: –

a) Current and Projected Labour Markets

b) Realistic vs. Unrealistic expectations of the applicant

c) The applicants ability to develop and implement an effective job search action plan

If you are contemplating changing jobs, have been made redundant or are currently in the process of trying to find that ideal job don’t make this period of transition any harder than it needs to be contact Blu Ripples today on 1300 300 557 and let’s work together to achieve your individual career ambitions;  one final notation remember to be realistic and to believe in yourself for if you do not believe in yourself who will?