Career and Workplace Counselling: What is Burnout?

Burnout is often defined as the physical, emotional and/or psychological exhaustion, the loss of interest or motivation in ones life due to excessive demands, self imposed or imposed by others, on ones time.

Herbert Fredenberger, a German born American Psychologist, penned the term burnout in the 1970’s.  In Fact Fredenberger and his colleague North (Gail) theorised the process breaking it down into 12 phases:-

  1. Compulsion to prove oneself
  2. Working harder
  3. Neglecting their needs
  4. Displacement of conflict
  5. Revision of values
  6. Denial of emerging problems
  7. Withdraw
  8. Obvious behavioural changes
  9. Depersonalisation
  10. Inner emptiness
  11. Depression
  12. Burnout Syndrome

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