Workplace Counselling: – Workplace Bullying – Enough is Enough!

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Workplace Bullying 2

Workplace Abuse includes (but is not limited to) bullying, harrassment, exclusion, isolation and undermining your work performance by deliberately withholding information


Do you perceive that you have been treated less favourably by a colleague or supervisor in the workplace?

If yes, has a colleague or supervisor: –

  • Physically or verbally abused you;
  • Yelled, screamed or used offensive language
  • Excluded or isolated you
  • Assigned a meaningless task unrelated to your job
  • Given you an impossible job to complete
  • Deliberately changed your work roster to inconvenience you; or
  • Undermined your work performance by deliberately withholding vital information for effective performance

If you have answered yes to one or more of these statements then it is likely you have experienced Workplace Bullying.

In some states (Victoria) Workplace Bullying includes abusive words or acts and is now covered under the Crimes Act; thus there are harsher penalties for those inflicting the bullying on you not only on a corporate level but also on a personal level.

So if you are experience Workplace Bullying it is imperative you seek help from a quality legal representative (Employment or Criminal Lawyer) and seek external support from a Counsellor and/or your local doctor (GP) particularly if you feel you want to harm yourself or another, are experiencing suicidal thoughts or have a detailed suicidal action plan mapped out.


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