Career Counselling: Making the Dream Happen (Part 3)

In Blu Ripples previous Blog, Making the Dream Happen (Part 2), one encouraged you to define your rough idea into a SMART Goal both in the big picture and the first small step capacity.

Assuming you have undertaken the first step it is now the appropriate time to determine your path.   Using the example outlined in Part 2, Oncologist, one perceives that you believe that there is only one way to achieve this outcome.  Well I am here to tell you there is always more than one way it depends on how hard we look and investigate our options.

Did one get your attention?  Yes there is always another way to achieve your dreams!

The first step in becoming an Oncologist is to attain your Bachelor of Medicine and then specialise – correct?  Well not necessarily!

What if you don’t get into the Bachelor of Medicine – then what?  What other options are open to you? Other options may include you applying to your  preferred university as a Registered Nurse (RN) or at TAFE as an Enrolled Nurse (EN); or how about applying for a Paramedic’s position with the Ambulance Service.

Once you have obtained your alternate qualification and a certain amount of experience you can then apply to your preferred university for a placement in the Bachelor of Medicine – better yet you will more than likely receive credits (Recognised Prior Learning Credits).  Alternatively you could get into University as an RN or Paramedic and then after a year and if you maintain a high grade average you can then change your course to the Bachelor of Medicine as long as you have undertaken a certain amount of similar units (RPL’s also apply in this situation).  But speak to your university first about this so you know what is involved.

One’s word of advice to you is that it is only your perception that is stopping you from achieving your dreams – don’t give up on your dream find an alternative path to make it happen.

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