Workplace Counselling: Managing Workplace Conflict

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Esculating Conflict

How to manage workplace conflict before the flight or fight response kicks in to gear or up a notch


Workplace Conflict can arise from the most trivial matter and escalate very quickly thus it is important to remain as logical and objective as possible; in other words separate emotion from fact/s and deal with the facts.

So how do you accomplish the above? Great Question!

  • Start by keeping accurate file notes
  • Review your company’s grievance systems and/or your industrial agreement
  • Review your file notes, analyse the situation and construct a factual case synopsis
  • Schedule an appointment with your immediate supervisor and/or your supervisor’s superior – make sure you request a neutral witness be present
  • Present your case and desired outcomes
  • Listen objectively and respectfully to the other party; negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes and time-frames
  • Schedule a follow up appointment to address actual outcomes and/or non compliance
  • If the above fails seek external support e.g. Lawyer, State or Federal Industrial Relations Officer or Union Representative

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