Career Counselling: Making the Dream happen! (Part 2)

There is an old saying that “Life is what you make it”.  Thus, life is about ideas and concepts and putting them into action so that we can make our dreams a reality.  Thus, ones question to you is what is your dream job and how are you planning on achieving it?

Some readers may have a very clear answer and others may have a rough idea.  That’s OK.  Let’s start with defining the rough idea.

Step 1:             Clearly define your dream job

Let’s say your rough idea is “I want to be a Doctor”.  That is a wonderful ambition, but it is a very broad statement.  Let’s try and define this idea a little more.

1.1 What type of doctor do you want to be?

  • A generalist or specialist?
  • If you want to be a specialist what type of specialist?
  • Be specific for example Oncologist
1.2 Where do you want to work?

  • Locally, interstate, internationally
1.3 Who do you want to work with?

  • A well known and respected specialist in your chosen field?
  • A large or small group of colleagues? How many people make up this group?
1.4 Who do you want to work for?

  • A well known specialist – private practice
  • Private or public hospital
  • General practice
  • Medical institute or research centre
  • Country (Regional) Hospital
1.5 What hours do you want to work?

  • A standard 8 hour shift over 5 days
  • Shift work/ rotating roster
  • 12 hours per day for a week or two and then have 3 or 4 days off
1.6 How long are you willing to study for?
1.7 What is your anticipated salary range upon graduation and let’s say in 10-15 years time?

OK,  so now you have defined and refined your Dream Job let’s break this down into two goals – First the big picture goal and secondly the first step goal.

Big Picture Goal

In 2025 I am a highly successful, educated and practicing Oncologist working with Peter Macallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne Australia earning $200K pa.

First Step Goal

Achieve a UAI score of 95 in my HSC (2010), to apply and be accepted into Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Sydney University, Kingston campus, commencing my studies in 2011.

In closing, whilst this blog focused on a hypothetical aspiration of a Doctor the same principles apply to all positions.

Finally, remember if you are having difficulty defining a rough career concept, Blu Ripples offers Career Interest and Personality Testing to help you determine possible career options based on your skills and interests.  Why not call and make an appointment today?

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