Workplace Counselling: Termination and Separation of Employment

Employment termination and separation can be a complex and confronting area.  Perhaps you are contemplating terminating your employment maybe you have been dismissed or made redundant.  Either way, we dare say this is a difficult time for you.

So let’s start with the basics; the differences between Termination (resignation), Dismissal and Redundancy.

Termination (Resignation) Is your decision to quit your current position and formally hand in your notice (ether verbally or in writing – writing is best practice).
Dismissal Is when the company you are working for decides to terminate your services; The key aspect of dismissal is that the position will remain open for new applicants to apply.
Redundancy Is when the company you are currently working for decides to terminate the position, department or company?  That is, the key aspect of redundancy is that the position will: –

1)        Not be re-advertised ever; or

2)        Not be re-advertised within 6 months of the date of    termination otherwise the previous incumbent (you) will have the right to re-apply nay hold the advertised position.

The way most organisations get around this is by changing the job description significantly thus certain functions may stay the same but the core responsibilities are different.

In closing, whatever your circumstances it is best to keep in mind that both you and your employer have certain obligations to each other with respect to termination and separation including (but not limited to) required notice and termination payments.

Stay Tuned:   For more information on Workplace Termination and Separation.