Personality Profiling (Testing)

Personality Profiling Dec 17

Blu Ripples Personality Profiling Services providing you with a invaluable journey of self discovery and acceptance; and the answers to the many why questions you may have in relations to personality characteristics you or others display

Blu Ripples Personality Profiling (Testing) Services
recognises that many clients struggle with understanding themselves, their team members and loved ones on a fundamental level and thus struggle to make decisions, communicate and inter-relate effectively.



Personality Profiling (Testing) is an extremely powerful, comprehensive and insightful tool that will provide you with an arsenal of personal and professional resources to understand oneself and others in terms of perceptions, thoughts and behaviours.

That is, by undertaking this in-depth journey of self-discovery you will recognise and understand your:-

  • Personal strengths and weakness
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Communication and interpersonal styles including relationship differences
  • Preferred leisure pursuits, thus aiding in the reduction of stress
  • Team and leadership characteristics

Professionally, clients and workplaces will: –

  • Foster and promote team cohesiveness and harmony
  • Increase labour productivity and efficiency
  • Improve management dexterity
  • Effectively recognise and respond to recruitment and selection needs
  • Pinpoint skills, talents, abilities, frustration and limitations of individuals and teams in order to execute operative development and planning strategies to address requirements



Blu Ripples is accredited to administer three (3) offers well-known and regarded personality profile instruments (tests): –

For more information on each personality profile please click on the links above.



Our Founder, Katherine Foster whom has administered and analysed personality profiling (testing) in a number of therapeutic situations including: –

  • Career Counselling, Consulting and Development
  • Career Development Reports
  • Personal Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Workplace Counselling
  • Education – Academic Planning
  • Stress Management and Relaxation

since obtaining her professional accreditation in 2005.

Katherine is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, a Member of the Australian Counselling (ACA) and Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusApt).



Our previous personality profiling testing clients have included (but are not limited to) individuals, couples, high school students, teenagers, youth, tertiary, undergraduate, post graduate and masters students, job seekers, graduates, professionals, ex-defence personnel and managers seeking to: –

  • Build healthier and satisfying relationships with partners, loved ones or colleagues
  • Identify and navigate communication, interpersonal, career and academic, pathways
  • Increase their personal and professional awareness, productivity and efficiency
  • Recognise stress triggers, behaviours and coping strategies
  • Understand their personality and/or the personalities of colleagues or loved ones