Personal Counselling Services

Personal Counselling

The power of experiences and emotions can touch our lives in profound ways; the physical expressions, the tears and laughter maybe with us for a fleeting moment however the memories, both positive and negative, can linger on for a life time and affect us in ways that we are not consciously aware of in our present everyday life. ©Blu Ripples 2014.

Blu Ripples Personal Counselling Services will listen, inspire and empower you to make positive transformational changes to your life by helping you identify and unravel the layers of your life, establish and maintain goals, new and meaningful foundations through a series of 1 on 1 Counselling sessions with the aim of providing you with: –

  • Acceptance
  • Action plans
  • Baselines
  • Cause and effect
  • Decision making, reflection and resolution skills
  • Guidance
  • Introduction to self-care techniques
  • Knowledge of triggers and coping strategies
  • Place to breathe, focus, relax and regroup
  • Tools and resources

Working together with individuals and organisations, Blu Ripples can transform your life by providing you with a range of counselling services, tools and resources including: –

Transform your life from weighed-down to liberated today!


Affiliations, Accreditations and Clearances

ACA Member LogoKatherine Foster T/as Blu Ripples is a Professional Member of CDAA and a CDAA Committee Member of the NSW DivisionNational Crime Check logo



Katherine Foster has attained the Mental Health First Aider (Standard) Certificate of Accreditation through Mental Health First Aid AustraliaSt Johns First Aid LogoDV Alert Training - LifelineASIST