Disciplinary Response Letters

Disciplinary Response Letters

Blu Ripples Disciplinary Response Letters – Working together with you to compose a professional rebuttal to your disciplinary warning or notice.

Blu Ripples Disciplinary Response Letters provide clients with objective rebuttals to disciplinary warnings and notices issued by management in a disciplinary consultation.

Drawing on our Human Resource qualifications and experiences Blu Ripples Consulting Services will work together with you, on a one-on-one basis, to address the allegations made against you.  Upon completion of our meeting Blu Ripples Consulting Services will construct a disciplinary response letter that clearly and concisely: –

    • Responds to the allegations made against you
    • Outline key issues from your perspective
    • Validate and discusses your current and/or intended action steps to address this matter
    • Outline valid considerations or extenuating circumstances; and
    • Any other key pertinent fact that will support your position


Prior to meeting with Blu Ripples Consulting Services, it is important that you gather as much relevant information and evidentiary support as you possibly can, as quickly as you can to ensure that we can formulate, respond and submit your rebuttal letter within the designated time-frame.

Information and evidentiary support that you need to collect and bring to our meeting include copy(ies) of: –

  • Disciplinary letter and all supporting documentation presented to you by your employer
  • Any previous disciplinary warnings or documents relating to this or another matter
  • Your company’s disciplinary procedures
  • Your current employment contract
  • Previous performance reviews
  • All file notations you have kept regarding incidents and events at work noting days, times, parties involved and an overview of the situation
  • Any advice that you have been given by Union Representatives or Legal Counsel

It is important that you gather as much relevant information and evidentiary support as quickly as possible, particularly if you have been unfairly dismissed from your employment as you will only have 21 days to lodge a claim with the Fair Work Commission after your dismissal takes effect.


Blu Ripples Consulting Services constructs disciplinary response letters based on the information that you have provided to us; Blu Ripples is a Career Counselling and Consulting practice, we are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice but may refer you to your professional industry association, the Fair Work Commission, Legal Aid, Law Society of NSW or a Lawyer to help you find an appropriate legal counsel if so required.

Blu Ripples is not liable for the outcome of any correspondence prepared by our practice.