Depression and Suicide

Suicidal Intervention, Prevention and Bereavement Counselling

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Speak Up and Reach Out for Suicide Prevention

Make a difference to your loved ones life – reach out and ask them if they are Ok?


Last week I encouraged Blu Ripples Facebook Followers to ask 3 people that they knew and loved “R U OK” in support of R U OK Day (a Suicide Intervention Project).

Over the weekend, I was sad to learn of an individual that attempted suicide and Read More

Blu Ripples Counselling: Suicide – Threat or Probability?

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Suicide Prevention Awareness


When a loved one commits or attempts suicide, family and friends often struggle to make sense of their loved ones actions as it often seems so out of character – or is it that we just don’t know what to look for or even if we do maybe we just don’t want to see it Read More

Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIT) Seminar

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Blu Ripples is proud to announce that Katherine recently undertook and completed the renowned Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIT) program through Living Works as part of her commitment to her ongoing continual professional development (CPD).

Covering such areas as attitudes to suicide, types of prevention, addressing the concerns of persons at risk, exploring invitations to help, developing a safe plan and reviewing resources; Katherine believes this would be a worthwhile course for all health professionals and members of the general public to undertake.

Suicide claims too many lives each year; as a community – let’s do something about it.

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Grief and Loss: Let’s talk about “Suicide” and break the social taboo

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Suicide touches many lives in Australia, as reported in Australian Government: – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report (published in July 2009), 1799 individuals choose to end their lives in 2006 with the median age been 43.7 years for males and 45.1 years for females.

Perhaps you are contemplating suicide or maybe you have lost a loved one to suicide.  Whatever your circumstances please seek immediate help; there are a lot of wonderful organisations and individuals out there who are willing to help you.

Maybe your fist step will be to speak with your Doctor, a Counsellor or Psychologist; whomever you choose please make sure it is someone you are comfortable with and whom you feel you can trust.

Finally, if you are contemplating suicide please know that it is not the answer to your problems and that “there is hope and help” do not give up on yourself and your life; have the courage to speak up, ask for help and make positive change.  Life can be better than this!

Blu Ripples – “Helping you through life’s ripples” ®

For further resource information please refer to our Resources and Links Page or to schedule an appointment please contact Blu Ripples during normal business hours.

Counselling: Depression – How can Counselling help?

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Depression Awarness

Depression is said to affect 6.2% of the population aged between 16 and 85


The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) defines Depression as a “common mental disorder that presents with depressed moods, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, poor concentration”.  The WHO continues by stating that “at it’s worst, depression can lead to suicide”.

In Australia, Depression is said to affect 6.2% of the population aged between 16 and 85 years with a higher representation of females at 7.1% to males at 5.3%.  Put another way for every 5 Australians aged 16-85 years in 2007; 1 Person had a mental disorder – Australian Social Trend, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Publication Mar 2009.  Now let’s consider that in 2007 the population was roughly 20 million that would mean 4 million people had a mental disorder.  That is a staggering figure!

As a counselling practice Blu Ripples is not in a position to diagnose Depression for that is the role of a qualified doctor or psychologist.  However, Blu Ripples is able to: –

  • Provide you with referral and resource information
  • Encourage you to seek specialised support
  • Offer you a neutral, caring and supportive environment for you to open up and discuss your concerns, feelings and emotions in a confidential manner

In stating the above, please note that if you disclose to a Counsellor that you are considering or actually harming yourself or another that Counsellor has a mandatory duty of care to report this intended or actual harm.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one please have the courage to speak up and seek help.




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