Career Development Reports – Why I love writing them

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I love the challenge that comes from constructing a Career Development Report, it is like putting together the pieces together of a  jigsaw puzzle

Constructing a Career Development Report is like putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle, in that I am required to identify and join together all the pieces of the puzzle to make a big picture.  In this case though, I am afforded the opportunity to individually work with a client to ascertain their history, likes and dislikes, abilities, strengths, areas of growth and development, personality,  hopes, fears, self-imposed limitations and ambitions.

In a nutshell, I am provided with the opportunity to discover, very quickly and in-depth, an individual and what makes them tick.  That is, I am afforded the opportunity to make a difference in the life of my client by providing clarity, direction and self-assurance through a process of self-discovery; thus enabling the individual to move forward in a positive and meaningful manner for them.

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