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Blu Ripples Career Development Report demystifies career confusion, provides meaningful baselines from which strategies can be developed and implemented


Are you searching for your ideal career path?

Unsure were to start?

Blu Ripples Career Development Reports and/or Career Counselling sessions can help you find your ideal career path and subsequently move forward in the direction of your dreams.

In essence the Blu Ripples Career Development report provides you with both the big picture concept and the small steps to help you achieve your ideal job.

As part of the Career Development Report process Katherine will meet with you over several one-on-one consultations to develop an in-depth understanding of your individual personality, personal, professional and academic circumstances and background to establish a baseline from which a tailored Career Development Report can be formed.

Specifically, Blu Ripples Career Development Report will review areas such as (but not limited to) your:

  • Areas requiring growth and development
  • Career interests
  • Cause and reactions to stress and appropriate coping strategies
  • Hobbies and interest
  • Maths, verbal and decision making aptitude
  • Personality type
  • Preferred working environment
  • Recruitment and selection results to date
  • Skills and knowledge base
  • Values and motivational factors

As outlined in our blog, Career Development Report – Blu Ripples Process,the Career Development Report process is an intensive 3 step process however at the completion of this process you  will be presented with a tailored comprehensive Career Development report that will provide you with career clarity based on your individual results.  Furthermore, the Career Development Report will assist you in fundamentally understanding your personality, the impact of your personality has on your individual choices and behaviour and finally it will provide you with a wealth of Career information to explore your individual options at your leisure.

Free your self free from Career Indecision with a comprehensive Career Development Report by Blu Ripples.

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