“Whatever life throws at you, be it a stone, a ripple or a tidal wave - counselling can provide you with the tools and self confidence to manage, cope, accept and confidently move forward towards your individual goals.”

Blu Ripples® Counselling and Consulting Services

Are you struggling with a Personal, Career or Workplace issue?

Blu Ripples® recognises that life can sometimes get the better of us be it a personal or professional concern, and that what we really need during these times is a warm, supportive and neutral individual that will listen and help us identify and explore our concerns, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Blu Ripples® takes great pride in helping our clients through life's ripples and as such takes a holistic approach to Counselling and Consulting. That is, we aim to understand the whole picture not just the individual pieces of the picture and in so doing are able to design and implement appropriate strategies for each individual client, based on their individual needs, to enable the client to confidently move forward in a direction and manner that is appropriate for them.

Blu Ripples® provides Counselling and Consulting services for Individuals, Couples, Families, Teenagers, Children, Small Groups and Business in the area of Personal Counselling, Professional Counselling (Career and Workplace) and a variety of Support Groups.

For further information on our philosophy and purpose, or to find out more about our Counsellor and Consultant, Katherine, please click on the appropriate sections on the About Us page.

Don't swim against the tide – contact us today and let Blu Ripples® "Help you through life's ripples."

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling provides support for:

  • Abuse Survivors
  • General Life Concerns
  • Grief, Loss & Bereavement
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Stress Management & Relaxation

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Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Career counselling can provide assistance with:

  • Career Advice and Guidance
  • Analysing Labour Market Trends*
  • Determining Career Options
  • Work Life Balance
  • Job Search Strategies

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Career Consulting

Reiki can help you:

  • De-stress From Life
  • Find Balance, Peace and Calm
  • Restore Your Equilibrium
  • Reduce Your Cortisol Levels

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Support Groups & Events

Support Groups and Events

We provide a range of groups & events for:

  • Corporate Sector
  • Clients; &
  • Community Members
  • Industry Trade Shows & Expos

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